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29 Sep

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 The Subversion of German Democracy

Al-Jazeera Journo ‘Admits’ Hamas Links After 6 Weeks In Jail 

Ahmedinejad And Obama At The UN

The LIGHT List – Nahida The Exiled Palestinian

The Dangerous Cult Of The Guardian

Unemployed Man Will Let You Hunt, Kill Him For $10,000

Nick Cage Is A Vampire And I Am The Wizard Of It

Those Cleared Of Crimes Can Stay On FBI Watch List 

More On NY Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Protesters 

NY Cop Threatens Citizen Photographing 9/11 Event

Oklahoma City Leaves ICLEI But Not Agenda 21

USPS Manufactured Crisis In Push To Privatization?

India Sues Monsanto For GMO ‘BioPiracy’

Move To Repeal Internet ‘Hate Speech’ Ban In Canada

 Charlie McGrath – Hopetimism Unraveling – Vid

Kirwan – Question Everything Again! 

Diebold Voting Machines Can Be Hacked Remotely

Questions Raised About Failed Solyndra’s Purposes

Paul Drockton Financial Update – 9-28-11

Bankers Torpedoed Financial System — Veteran Trader

Russians Practice Counter Strike Against US Oil Fields

1,000s Of Libya SAMs Unaccounted For

Ahmad Qatamesh – Israeli Prisoner Of Conscience 

Calls To Annex West Bank Settlements

Israel OKs 1800 New ‘Settler’ Homes In E Jerusalem

Israel To Vote On Annexing West Bank

Heckler Calls Obama The Anti-Christ During LA Speech 

Black Caucus Tells Obama ‘You Wouldn’t Treat Jews Like This’

‘Why Should A Billionaire Pay Same Tax As A Jew?’ – Obama 

Perry’s Gardasil Shocker – 17,500 US Girls Hurt By It

Mainstream Media Has No Love For Ron Paul

Americans Want Liberties Back, Wars Ended, Fed Controlled

Japan PM Wanted To Evac Tokyo But Afraid Of Panic

 Radioactive Food,Six Months After Fukushima – Vid

Radiation In Japan Even Worse Than Expected

8.02 Microsieverts/hr Air Duct In Tokyo Commuter Train – Vid

 Genocide In Japan – Prof Chris Busby – Vid

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