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01 Oct

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Libya – An African War Of Perdition – Vid

What Really Happened In Libya – Vid

Israel Deprives Palestinian Economy Of £4 Billion A Year

Palestinians -‘We Have Eiight Security Council Votes’

US For Sale…Including Biohazard Plum Island

Insane US – MI Bill Will Jail Teachers For Political Emails 

 Decreasing White Population In 15 States 

ESA Orbiter Finds Water Supersaturation In Mars Air

Arnold Talks About CA Economy

Army Plans Drones That Record Every Face

The Fed Wants to Be Your Facebook Friend 

Judge Rules Part Of Patriot Act Unconstitutional

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy – Vid

Our Affirmative Action President

Obama Says US Has Gone Soft – Vid

Didn’t Take Long For Cain To Say Something Stupid – Vid

Paul Drockton – S&P Shorts Now Over 11 Million !!!

Rage Against Wall Street Crooks

Teamsters Join The Wall Street Protest

700 Airline Pilots Swell Wall St Protest Ranks

Tarpley – Emergency Program For Anti-Wall St Protesters

 Japan School Kids Forced To Drink Radioactive Milk

New Maps Show Wide Dispersion Of Plutonium, Strontium

Japan Admits Plutonium 40 Miles From Fukushima Plant

Rwanda Government Genocide: 2 Convicted, 2 Acquitted 

Paris Car-Sharing Plan Designed To Kill Car Ownership

California To Quit Foreclosure Settlement Talks

Lost Beethoven Classic Played First Time In 200 Yrs – Vid

Step-By-Step Prepping Each Month

Fructose – #1 Source Of Calories Cancer – Danger

Apollo Moon Mission Science Doubts Grow – Photos Talk – PDF

Nowhere To Run: Drones, Biometrics & Threat Assessments

BoA To Charge $5 Each Month For ATM Cards

Foreign Entities Sue JP Morgan & BoA

They Want Us Dead! Eugenics Summary

Tom Woods On Constitutional Silver Money – Vid

The Destiny Of Mankind Hinges Upon Gold

China To Build NAFTA Bridge & Superhighway? – Vid

They Want Us Dead! Eugenics Summary

Obama Admin Banking On Next-Generation Nukes

Japan To Cover US  With Radiation For 2.5 YEARS – Vid

Japan Burning Massive Radioactive Debris Is Nuclear War On US

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