New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

03 Oct

News for Cape Breton Islanders Daily


Why 9/11 Truth Remains A Buried Story

Pesticides Found In Organic Strawberry Plants

Cloud-Powered Facial Recognition Is Terrifying

Banksters Expect Global Meltdown Within 12 Months

Germany Won’t Give More To EU Bailout Fund

Greece To Miss Deficit Targets For 2011-2012

Underwater Mortgages Could Sink US Without A Trace

Abbas Feeling Heavy-Handed Pressure 

Cindy McCain Doesn’t Care About Israel Killing US Sailors – Vid

Turkish Warships Pique Israeli Freighters, Missile Boats

The Revolution Will Not Be Privatized

Anonymous – Occupy Los Angeles – Vid

 Morris – ‘NATO Worse Than The Nazis’ – Vid

JP Morgan Chase ‘DONATES’ $4.6 Million To NYPD

 Outrage – JP Morgan Funded The NY Mass Arrests

 The STRIKE Against Us

Watch – The Banksters Are The Root Of All Evil – Vid

Thousands Protest At Bank Of America Boston Offices

More Than 700 Arrested In Wall Street Protest

 33 Underground Radioactive Canals Revealed At Los Alamos

Students Ordered To Eat Potentially Radioactive Food 

TEPCO – 3-16 Blast ‘Somewhere In The Plant, Not Near Reactor

TEPCO Now Says NO Hydrogen Explosion At Reactor 2

Big Tritium Water Leak Under GA Nuke Plant – ‘Don’t Worry’

Secret US-Israeli Nuke Weapons Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts

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