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04 Oct

News for Cape Breton Islanders Daily


Deformed Rats Found In Tokyo

Memorial Day Bigfoot Filmmaker Killed

Single Mom Discovers Her Longterm Boyfriend Is A Woman

DUI Charges Dropped Against Drunk Cop In Fatal Car Crash 

Oz Sets Stupid Record Of The Week – Vid

Many Parents Opt For ‘Alternative’ Vaccination Schedule

Super TV Pitchman Don Lapre Found Dead Before Trial

Feds Demand Gibson Guitar Co Hand Over More Wood

The Wandering Who’ Out This Week

Atzmon’s New Book Out – ‘The Wandering Who’ – Vid

 Ten Little Muslims

 Kawther – Launching A Mossad Agent

 Br Nathanael – How The Jews Mock Jesus Christ – Vid

Full Translation Of New Dr. Moussa Ibrahim Statement

Top ‘Al Qaeda’ Bomb Maker Did Not Die In Yemen

Devvy – The States MUST Fight The ‘Anchor Baby’ Scam

Charlie McGrath – Chaos – Vid

Br Nathanael – Can White America Survive? – Vid

Massive Radioactive Waste Piling Up At Fukushima Plant

Gunderson – Nuclear Oversight Lacking Worldwide – Vid

Anonymous Says It Will Take Down The NYSE 10-10-11 – Vid

Herman Cain – The Uncle Tom Of The Fed

Obama Marched With Black Panther Party In 2007

How Obama Can Murder Anyone He Wants

Where There Is A Will, There’s A Way!

Police State Justice Under Obama

Wall Street Protesters Dress As Zombies

NYPD Accused Of Heavy-Handed Protest Tactics

Occupy Wall Street – ‘We Are The 99 Per Cent’

Kirwan – Beyond The Masks

Occupy Wall Street – RT – Vid

Secret US-Israeli Nuke Weapons Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts

143 European Reactors As ‘Safe’ As Fukushima!!

Radioactive And Non-Radioactive Teas Blended, Sold

Interview With Fukushima City Resident

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