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05 Oct

News for Cape Breton Islanders Daily


Jon Huntsman – Certified Kosher

Ricky Perry – Certified Kosher

Celente Picks 2012 Presidential Winner

Ron Paul – Obama Impeachment A Possibility

High Court Rejects Disqualify President Obama Bid 

Roy Tov Detained By Bolivia

Farah’s Callous ‘Final Solution’ For Palestine

Israeli State Terror Belies Wanting Peace 

Panetta In Israel For ‘Urgent Consultations’ On Iran

‘Hang A Banker Day’ Coming To A Theater Near You?

US – Conflict Or Revolution?

Warning To Occupy Wall St From Ex-Tea Party Member

Billionaire Koch Bros On Dock Over Iran Trades 

Evolution Of New Human Contagion trH3N2

Most Complex Radio Telescope Stunning 1st Photo

Photos Of The Sun Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Br Nathanael – How The Jews Mock Jesus Christ – Vid

Br Nathanael – Can White America Survive? – Vid

10 Greatest Astronomy Discoveries – Vid

Your Soaring Health Insurance Premiums

Second Wave Of Protests In SF Targets The Fed 

NY Cops Can’t Use Bus Drivers In Protest Arrests 

Occupy Wall St – The ‘Occupation’ Is Legal – Vid 

UK Oil Exporter Moves Into Libya

Libyan Slaughter Lurches Out Of NATO Control

NATO-NTC Mass Attack On Sirte Fails – Top Rebel Killed

Morris – Libya Fighting Update Oct 4 – Vid 

Japan Will No Longer Measure Plutonium – Genocide

Wall St Protests Spread To Cities Across US, Canada

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