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06 Oct

News for Cape Breton Islanders Daily


‘We The People’ Petition Seeks ET Truth From Obama 

Washington Post Poll Points To One Term For Obama

Trail of Guns, Death, and Invasion Leads To Obama

Morris – Why NATO Is Attacking Tribes From Libya To Pak –  Vid

Rense & Dr Mohammed Miraki – Eyewitness To US Slaughter In Afgh – Vid   

Rense & Dr Deagle – SmartMeters And Electropollution – Vid

IAEA To Help Japan Decontaminate Fukushima Plant Area

Fukushima Net Cam Mystery Man Holds News Conference

Japan Plants And Trees Are Dying

UK Physicist Wants Radiation Limits Increased By 1,000 Times!

300,000 Bq/kg Cesium 134, 137 In Fukushima City Soil

Apple Co-Founder/Innovator Steve Jobs Dies 

Bribed SoCal Judge Is Obstructing Justice? – Vid

Carnegie Institute Surveillance Of Plants

IRS Attacks Medical Marijuana ‘Drug Traffickers’

Constitution Is the Cure To The Left/Right Cancer

Corbett – Exposing The CIA’s Venture Capital Firm – Vid

US – No More Libya-Style Bailouts To NATO 

Czechs, Bulgarians Won’t Join EU ‘Debt Union’

Staggering Fraud Uncovered At Army Corps of Engineers

Debunking Joe Farah’s Jewish Fables (Reprint)

The Fleeting Comfort Of Familiar Lies

 CDC Vaccine Secrets Revealed – Vid

BoA Refuses To Let Customers Close Accounts – Vid

Cain – ‘If You’re Unemployed And Poor, It’s Your Fault’ 

Obama Double Crosses The Environmentalists

Obama Double Crosses The Environmentalists

Ron Paul – Will Obama Assassinate Journalists Next?

Is Anonymous Threat To Erase The NYSE Real?

Makow – The Folly Of Long Term Investing

Signs That ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Is A Hoax – Vid

Steve Jobs – A Brilliant Visionary Of Our Age

NY Cops Start Beating Protesters With Clubs 

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