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07 Oct

News for Cape Breton Islanders Daily


Questionable Death Of French Artist In Ramallah

The Annexation Wall – Vid

Prisoners Help Build Patriot Missiles 

NY Judge Covers For CIA In Contempt Over Tapes

Sheep Just One Vector Of Listeria To Cantaloupes

Oakland Cop Vdeotapes His Own Killing Of ‘Suspect’ 

CA Court – Cops Can Search Cell Phones In Traffic Stops!

 Argentina Gets 6.2 Earthquake

NATO Preps For War On Syria 

Obama To Accelerate SuperGrid Power Line Projects 

 Obama Refuses To Offer Proof Al Awlaki A Terrorist

Japan Ministry Of Education – Radiation? What Radiation?

The Assassination Of Anwar Al-Awlaki By Fiat

‘Human Rights?’ Fired For Opposing Imm Policy

Half OF US Population On Government Benefits

Call For Limits On Speculation In Commodities Markets

New Tick-Borne Disease Is Discovered

FDA Blocks Merck Attempt To Expand Deadly Gardasil

Putin Foils The Jews Again 

FKN News – Mad Face Disease – Vid

Occupy & Crush The Elite Scourge On Humanity

Why Criminal Governments Spy On Citizens

Flat-Lining The Middle Class

 Dallas Fed President Sympathizes With Wall St Protesters

Wall Street Protesters Sue New York City

Obama Blasts Hero Sheriff For Probing His Eligibility 

True Story Of The USS San Francisco Blown Hull?

Fukushima Worker Warns Of Danger From Trees, Pollen

 Radiation Covers Trees, Forests – All Must Be Cut Down

Cesium 134 Spikes Near Huge Incinerator Near Tokyo

 Japan Ministry Of Education – Radiation? What Radiation?

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