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08 Oct

News for Cape Breton Islanders Daily


Pro-Israeli Warmonger Demands US Get Tough On Pak

Gaddafi Calls On Millions Of Libyans To Protest

Message From Muammar Gaddafi On 10-6 – Vid

Morris – Libya News Update Oct 7

Fukushima Made Bridge Girders Read 700 Microsieverts

Triple Cesium 134 In Tokyo Elementary School Compost Pile

Man Treated To $100,000 Bottle Of Champagne 

VA Pulls Questionable Hat From DC Store 

Ireland Vaccine Testing On Illegitimate Babies

 Mexico Drug Wars – 32 More Bodies Found

Atlanta Cop In Five Years Of Terror 

9 US Sheriffs Press Conf Call For Holder’s Resignation

LG Optimus Hyper ‘Morphing’ Facade In Berlin

Six Foods To Store Forever

Chemical Giants Bow To BPA Ban In Kids Foodware 

Blacks Are Their Own Worst Enemies= – Bill Cosby

Amish Attack Amish – Beards, Hair Cut Off!

Computer Virus Hits US Drone Fleet

NWO Promotes Failed Zionist Gender Experiment

Quartet Representative In Liaison With Zionist Woman 

Schwarzenegger Dedicates Statue & Museum To…Himself

Jerry Brown Has Until Sunday To Veto CA DREAM Act

Afghanistan Invasion 10th Anniversary – Mission Half Done

11 Facts You Need To Know About Biggest US Banks

Financial Collapse – Where Do We Go From Here?

Banks Collect Financial Data On You Via Social Media

Electric Bills To Increase All Across The US

Measuring Pulsed Smart Meter Radiation – Vid

Winter 2011-2012 – Brutal For Midwest, Great Lakes

Kirwan – Overdue Clarifications! 

Anonymous Fukushima Engineer – Fukushima Disaster ‘Endless’

Fukushima Nuke Workers Speak Out

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