New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

09 Oct

Home of our Hearts-Cape Breton


Moving Closer To TOTAL Identity Managing

 9,300 Tremors Have Hit El Hierro In The Canary Islands

Britain To Shiver In -20C Within WEEKS

Fisk – Jerusalem Can Do Strange Things To Your Sanity

Russia Tells Assad Regime To Reform Or Go

Obama Admin Threatens UNESCO Funding Over Palestinians

ADL  Assails Palestinian UN Membership

Occupy Wall St Start Of New Protest Era?

Orrin Hatch – Occupy Wall St Rellies Will Become Riots

Stop The Machine Occupies Washington 

Anonymous – We The People Of The Constitutional Republic – Vid

Casualties Mount In Japan Fukushsima Nuclear War

Tokyo City Govt Finds 51,000 Bq Per Sq Meter In Soil

TEPCO Releasing Hydrogen To Prevent Blast In Reactor 1

Fascists In Congress Want US Drug Laws To Be Global

Kawther – Egyptians Celebrate Defeat Of Israel

 Adrian Salbuchi – Israeli Agents On The Loose In Argentina – Vid

Kirwan – Owning Is One Thing, Using Us Is Another

Morris – Libya News Update 10-8 – Vid

 Ron Paul Clobbers Field In Straw Poll – Media Silent 

UN Urged To Ban Mercury In Vaccines

Finland Vows to Care for Vaccine Damaged Children

HPV Doll For Girls 10 And Under (satire) – Vid

Occupy Wall St – Class War & The Nationalist Solution

Global Trading System At Risk?

Slovakia Dispute Threatens To Scuttle EU Bailout

Call For More Research Into MRSA In Retail Ground Meats

Fact Or Fiction? US Drones Infected By Computer Virus

Did Rothschild Blackmail UK To Aid Israel In 1956?

California Passes ‘DREAM Act’ for Financial Aid

Gulf Holocaust Financial ‘Winners’

Rebels Claims Gain In Battle For Sirte

Charlie McGrath – Global Collapse – Vid

Unbelievable – CBS Reports Ron Paul Latest Straw Vote Win A FIX

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