New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

10 Oct

Cape Breton_Nova Scotia


The Shift – What Are You Going To Do?

CA Secret $63 Billion Pooled Fund Uncovered – Vid

What Does DHS Do With Its $98 Billion Budget?

G. Edward Griffin On Fiat Central Banks & Wildcatters

Huge Hedge Fund Loses On Big Bank Bets

New Rover Prepares For Life On Mars Tests

Discovery Of Ozone On Venus & Possibility Of Life

DuPont’s ‘Imprelis’ – Compensation Offered For Dead Trees

Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan’s Critique Of Kol Nidre Prayer

Bolshevik Jews Killed Millions – Vid

USPS To Close As Many As 3,700 Post Offices

AZ Sheriff Calls Eric Holder A Murder Accomplice – Vid

Cain Continues His Stupid Remarks Campaign

Obama – Sacrificing Palestine For Zionist Campaign Funds

Ron Paul – The Strongest Candidate On National Defense – Vid

Weekly South African Report

 Kirwan – Overlapping Parallax Views

UNESCO Vote Slams Israel

Rebels Stealing Ghadafi Supporters Children

Letter Paints Bleak Picture For Rebels In Libya

CA Gov Brown Passes Gardasil Bill For 12 Yr  Olds

Has ‘Occupy America’ Already Been Controlled?

Is Occupy Wall Street Is A COINTELPRO Operation?

Fukushima Housewife Clueless About A Safe Life – Vid

Fukushima Radiation Fallout 10x More Than Reported

Japan To Offer 10,000 Free Trips To Foreigners In 2012

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