New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

12 Oct

Cape Breton Home of our Heart


Will the Aliens Be Nice? Don’t Bet On It

When ‘Zombies’ Attack, The Government Wants You Prepared

Animal Human Hybrids, Transhumanism, and The Bible

My Business Partners Dream / Letter from Listener

ROSAT Satellite: Out-of-control 3 Ton Telescope Hurtling Towards Earth At High Speed

Chemtrails Exposed

World Authority On Anthrax Disputes Government Explanation Of 2001 Attack

Analysts: IRS Turns Blind Eye To Mosques Preaching Jihad

Top Syria Cleric Threatens Suicide Attacks on US and EU

Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons

Severe Weather Causes Injuries And Damage Aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Freedom of the Seas

Bolton Rips Obama After He Calls For Restraint From Egyptian Christians As They’re Being Killed By Muslims…

Wall Street Insider: Obama 2012 Re-Election “Not An Option”

Issa to Holder: “You Own Fast and Furious”

The Murder Of Americans: Existence Of Secret Kill Lists Now Admitted By Lawless White House

If You Want to Stop Crime in America, Start in the White House and Work Your Way Down

This Halloween, Christian Leaders Challenged To Take A Stand, Or Stand Down

Catholic Bishops Challenge Obama On Religious Freedom in the U.S.

Millions Could Lose Unemployment Benefits in 2012

China’s Top Farmer to Invest in Argentina’s Patagonian Winemaking, Corn

Financial Giants Put New York City Cops On Their Payroll

Jesse Ventura Attends Occupy Protest

Wall Street Protesters Plan ‘Millionaires March’ To Tycoons’ New York City Homes


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