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14 Oct

Cape Breton Home of our Heart


More Holes In US Govt Story Of Iran ‘Plot’

US Govt – Waging Wars Based On Lies & Pre-School Fictions

Even NYT Skeptical Of Imbecilic Iran Plot Claims

The Judge Accuses FBI & Govt Of Creating Terror Plots – Vid

Iran Falsely Charged With Fake Terror Plot

Morris – Iran…An Ogre In Cahoots? – Vid

Major Media Liars Report Fake NATO Libya Victories

El Hierro Quakes, Eruptions Updates – Closer To Cumbre Vieja

Fukushima Journalist Takes On TEPCO – Vid

Strontium Being Found ‘Nearly Everywhere’?

All Fukushima Rice Cleared – Radioactive Or Not 

‘Extraordinary’ High Radiation Spikes In Tokyo

The Black Death – The Mother Of All Plagues 

Diptheria, Whooping Cough & Tetanus Vax Lies

Over 1400 Barter Clubs Thrive In Argentina – Vid

Inspiring – Free Market Capitalism Ends Poverty – Vid

 Greece – ‘Sausage’ The Riot Dog Fights Against Authorities

UN Trying To Force Ireland To Drop Abortion Ban

Virgin Atlantic Airways To Use Industrial Waste As Fuel

Cain’s Spokesman, Gitmo Torture & Sexual Harassment

Giant Holes In Arctic Ozone Hole Story 

Deep Thinking About The Future Of Food

 Kirwan – Clean The Slate!

Charlie McGrath – Occupation Nation – Vid

Will False Flag Terror Discredit Protests?

Soros Claims Not Funding Protests

High Radiation Readings Continue In Areas Of Tokyo

Tainted Fukushima Rice Heading To Restaurants, Schools

30 Foot Crack Found In Davis-Besse Containment – Vid

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