A Cape Breton Mom searches for answers to son’s killing spree

15 Oct

Home of our Hearts-Cape Breton

Stephen Marshall killed 2 sex offenders in Maine in 2006


A Cape Breton woman is still searching for answers to why her son killed two convicted sex offenders in Maine and then hours later killed himself on a bus outside of Boston five years ago.

Stephen Marshall, 20, of North Sydney, N.S., went on the shooting rampage over the Easter weekend in 2006.

His mother, Margaret Miles, has been fighting ever since for access to her son’s computer hard drive, believing it may provide an insight into why her son killed two strangers and himself.

But the Maine state attorney refuses to give the computer back to Miles, even after all these years.

“I thought anybody would understand. I mean, if someone left a suicide note, you wouldn’t hide the suicide note,” Miles told CBC News.

Six months ago, a Maine judge ordered the state to give Miles the computer, but that hasn’t happened. She was allowed to look at some of the files this past summer, but not all of them.

“I won’t give up until I’m satisfied that I have the information that I need to have as a mother,” she said.

Marshall left Cape Breton a few days before the killings to visit his father, Ralph Marshall, in Maine. Hours before the shootings, he used his computer to locate his victims, as well as the names of 32 others, from Maine’s online sex offender registry.

Marshall used a .45-calibre pistol that belonged to his father to kill Joseph Gray, 57, of Milo, Maine, and William Elliott, 24, of Corinth, Maine.

Marshall shot himself in the head with the same gun when he was later approached by transit police on a bus headed for Boston. He had his computer and another gun with him on the bus.

His father had no trouble getting the gun back.

“He requested the gun that Stephen killed the offenders with and shot himself, and he got it back — no lawyer, nothing,” Miles said.

She has written to the governor of Maine asking him to intervene. So far, she hasn’t received a reply.

Credit: CBC News

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