New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

19 Oct

Cape Breton Home of our Heart


Busby – Supplements To Block Fukushima Radiation

29 Of 30 Teas Show Cesium In Tokyo Tests

Fukushima Rain In St Louis, MO 270x Over Background – Vid

 Fraudulent Cancer Research Revealed

CA Gov Jerry Brown Vetoes Cell Phone Privacy

Your Basic Skull And Bones – Kris Millegan Speaks Out

The New REAL Man – High Heels

23 Women Convicted Of Child Porn In Sweden

Table Salt Multiplies Hard-Disk Space Six Times

Heli-Medivac Poses Doubts On USS San Francisco ‘Grounding’

EU Bans Stem Cell Research Patents (US Allows Patents)

GMO Alfalfa Polluted Crops 2 Yrs BEFORE Deregulation

US Austerity Myth – Spending Has Increased!

Winston Churchill Was The Bankers Gofer

The Truth About The Great Depression & New Deal – Vid

Top 3 Myths Of Capitalism  – Vid

Ron Paul – Iran Plot Is War Propaganda – Vid

Ron Paul’s Brilliant 11-Page Plan To Restore America

Cain’s 9-9-9 Would Return Money To Millionaires

Long Ties To Koch Brothers Key To Cain Campaign

Myth Of Obama Bias Toward Palestinians

Israel Insults Egypt After The Release Of Shalit 

Demented Clinton In Libya Promotes War & Centralization

Br Nathanael – Is Elie Wiesel A Fraud? – Vid

Who Are The Top 1%?

China Backs The Occupy Wall Street Movement

Obama – OWC Not That Different From The Tea Party Protests

Hero LA School Teacher Fired – No First Amendment For Her!

 Ron Paul Crushes The Field In The Nevada Debate – Vid

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