New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

20 Oct

Cape Breton Home of our Heart


Turkish Troops Pursue Kurds Into Iraq

US Forces Said ‘Massing’ On Afghan-Pak Border

FBI Goes Rogue On Iran

Iran Wants Probe Of US Assassination Plot Allegations

BoA Moves $75 Trillion Derivatives – Taxpayers On The Hook

 Fed Is Now Backing $75 Trillion In BoA Derivatives!

Major Media Liars, Whores Never Quit

Obama Admin Bailed Out GM Salmon Firm

Inhofe Defends Obama Sending 100 Troops To Uganda

Obama’s Imperial Arrogance – The God Of War

Bumbling Obama Teleprompter Tour Truck Stolen

TEPCO Claims Fukushima Radiation Cut In Half

Fukushima Decon Contractors Charging $13,000 Per Home

Local Official Tells Young To Leave Japan – Vid

Japan Cities, Towns Find Chernoblyl-Level Radiation – Vid

Earth-Sized Planet With ‘Arizona Climate’ Photographed 

Rabbis Order The Pope To Condemn Bishop Williamson

McGrath – Collapse Imminent…And Needed – Vid

An Overpriced Market Meets The Global Economic Crisis

Kirwan – Free The 99% 

Revealed – The Capitalist Network That Runs The World

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