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21 Oct

Home of our Hearts-Cape Breton


Ukraine ‘to consider Russia’s customs union plan’

Putin Remark May Indicate Medvedev Will Not Be PM e3

UN Could Vote On Palestinian Bid On November 11

Iran Links Assassination Plot To Paris-Based MEK

Yes, It Is Immoral To Vote For Obama

Senate Thwarts Obama By Backing The Potato

Naomi Wolf Condemns ‘Stalinist’ Erosion Of Rights

Naomi Wolf Arrested At OWS – ‘The Closing Of America‘ – Vid

Gaddafi – More Hype? – Vid

Misrata – Before And After NATO Zionist Annihilation – Pic

The Essential Guide To The Electric Universe

The Suicide Of America – Diversity Versus Freedom

Evil, Dangerous Smart Meters To Be Used On Kauai

Global Fallout Of Thai Floods

World’s Most Ambitious Solar Energy Project Faces

The Richest People In America 

US ‘Misery Index’ Rises To Highest Since 1983 

Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Great Dictator’ Final Speech – Vid

Seattle Worries – Infectious Salmon Anemia Spreads

Study Confirms Huge Concentration Of Corporate Ownership

David Duke – Occupy Zionist Wall Street – Vid

Gunderson – New Pics, Massive Damage To Reactor 3 Bldg – Vid 

Gardasil Horror – US Girls Just Dropping Dead  

Gaddafi Son Mutassim Also Alive After Capture – Vid

Gaddafi Taken From Truck Alive By NATO Animals – Vid

Gaddafi Convoy Bombed By Drone Flown From  Las Vegas

Gaddafi Murder Praised By ZioGhoul David Cameron

Ghoul Obama Hails Murder Of Gaddafi 

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