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21 Oct

Cape Breton Home of our Hearts


A Sydney businessman who once took a chance with VCRs plans to resurrect his store as a self-serve automated spa.

Taso Sifnakis is shutting down Sydney Video, the business on Townsend Street that he has run for 31 years.

“The market is on the decline because of the downloading, the Netflix,” he told CBC News. “I’m anxious to get on to my new venture.”

When Sifnakis opened his video store in 1980, the idea of watching movies at home was a new concept. A VCR cost $1,300.

Sifnakis said only a few people in Sydney owned a machine.

“There were days, actually, when there was no sales in the cash register,” he said. “But when it caught on approximately a year and a half later things moved very quickly.”

Sifnakis later opened three more video stores in the area.

Those stores will remain open for now. But in the new year, the flagship store should reopen as a do-it-yourself spa, where people can whiten their teeth, give themselves a facial or lie in a capsule for a massage.

“It’s a look good, feel good business,” Sifnakis said.

Sifnakis said it will be the first spa of its kind in Cape Breton.

He said there are skeptics out there, just like in 1980. But he hopes to be ahead of the curve once again.

Credit: CBC News

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