Global Alternative Daily News for Cape Breton Islanders

11 Dec

Cape Breton Home of our Hearts

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is the No. 1 island destination in Canada and continental United States, according to Travel and Leisure magazine’s 2011 World’s Best Awards

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Physical Impossibility Versus Reality  

Drockton – Radicalizing Dissent

IDF, Bahraini Monarchy Guards Trained US Police 

Top Five Regrets Of The Dying   

Intention, Destiny And The Cartoon Dance Of The Temporal  

Taxman In Goldman Deal Retires With £1.7m Pension

Murdoch Met Cameron Twice Buring BSkyB Bid 

Pakistan-US Relations – New Paradigms   

Haiti Quake May Not Have Been Natural   

Moon Glows Orange In Eclipse

China Rejects New Climate Change Treaty 

Eccentric Story Of Town Growing ALL Its Own Veggies    

‘Downloading’ New Skills Right Into Brains Due Soon

Reactors 1 & 2 Have HOLES Up To 50 Sq Meters

Fisk – Bankers Are The Dictators Of The West 

The Euro Deal Is Great News…For Banks 

Chicago MERC Let MF Global Steal From Clients 

Euro Banks ‘On Edge Of Collapse’ 

Most Germans, French DON’T Want The Euro   

The Day Cameron Put Britain First  

How Europhile BBC Turned UK Veto Into Disaster  

Sarko Snubs Cameron Handshake  

Europe Blithering Idiots And Their Flim-Flam Treaty  

New EU Plan ‘Abuses Power’ Say Lawyers

Rape In The US Military – America’s Dirty (big) Secret   

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Hungry 

Critical Health Issues In Gaza

TEPCO Trying To Find The 3 Melted Cores – Vid 

Japan PM – Fukushima ‘Stable’ By End Of Year (hilarious) 

Radioactive Water Leaked At Second Japan Nuke Plant 

‘Decon’ For 2012 Fukushima Cherry Blossom Festival   

Just 50 Bq/kg Causes Irreversible Lesions In Vital Organs – Vid

Thierry In Syria – Russia Pours In Advanced Weapons – Vid 

The Elite Leading Us All To WW3 – Vid 

In Israel, ‘Fascist’ Is Not A Rude Word 

So What Shall We Ruin In November 2012? 

Sex Claim Report On Newt But Nothing On Obama 

Obama The Provoker


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