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14 Dec

Cape Breton Home of our Hearts

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is the No. 1 island destination in Canada and continental United States, according to Travel and Leisure magazine’s 2011 World’s Best Awards

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China, India Pollution Affecting World Weather 

Your Indoctrination  – Regurgitation And Obeying – Vid 

Critics Question State Dept Private Army Of Mercenaries – Vid 

CDC Upates Comments On H3N2pdm11 In Swine 

Mexico Unaware DOJ Passing Laundered Cash To Cartels  

San Francisco Minimum Wage To Top $10 – Vid 

McDonald’s Spent $460,000 Lobbying In 3Q   The Naked Emperor At The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party  Ex-CIA – ‘I’m A Spy Saying Spying Doesn’t Work‘ – Vid

China Ponders Seychelles Naval Base Offer 

American Duplicity And New Realities 

48 Hours At NATO HQ 

89% Say No To Smart Meters – Oz Govt Ignores Them  

Life Possible On ‘Large Parts’ Of Mars

How Did Jews, Freemasons Take Control Of Turkey?    

Israeli Law Is Powerless In The ‘Settlements’  

Gilad Atzmon Basically Says It All – Vid

US Will Always Control Iraq Oil 

Gingrich Once Proposed Death Penalty For Marijuana 

Ron Paul Could Lead From Behind  

ABC News To Probe Obama ‘Marital Infidelity’? 

Obama To Cut National Guard On US-Mexico Border  

Military Detention Of Citizens A Win For Terrorists 

olice To Get Laser That Temp Blinds Protesters 

Corzine, & Pals Try To Distance Selves From Missing Money 

AZ Rep Files ‘No Confidence’ Resolution Against Holder 

Russian Expert – Fukushima Far From Stabilizing 

Biggest Radiation Dose Was Outside Exclusion Zone   

Japan Nuclear Expert Blames US For Fukushima Disaster

Iran In Last Stage Of Extracting Data From CIA Drone  

Iran Ready To Clone CIA Prize Stealth Drone  

90 US Drones Brought Down In 4 Years  

US Killing Pak Soldiers & Iran Downing Drone Explained – Vid 

Br Nathanael – The Menace Of The Jewish-Run State 


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