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01 Dec

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Obama Wants Dictatorial Power to increase Debt

Little Progress In Fiscal Cliff Talks

Obama Crazy To Claim Unilateral Debt Ceiling – Vid

21 Vile, Odious Lies Obama Has Told America

NDAA Amendment Passes – But Is It Enough?

Giant Loophole In NDAA Amendment

Nader – Reining In Obama And His Drones

US Drones Use – The Legality Issue

Br. Nathanael – Hungary Begins Backlash vs Jews


Sen. Sanders – Wall St CEOs Are The ‘Faces Of Class Warfare’

Israeli’s Retiring Defense Chief Ready To Hit Iran

False Flag Nuclear Christmas To Be Blamed On Iran?

F. William Engdahl…CIA Favors Egyptian Brotherhood – Vid

Bilderberg Group Captures Bank Of England

Tortured Wikileaks Suspect Manning Chokes Up At Hearing

Earth Under Chemical Attack From Chemtrails

34 Blatant Signs America Is In Decline

(Pro GMO) EU Finds Fault With French GMO Rat Study

The Other Dark Side Of The GMO Coin


Kaiser Permanente Issues Warning On GMO Food

A Totally Vegan Supermarket To Open In Phoenix

World Bank Warns Of New Norm Of High Food Prices

Young Female Psychopath Forbidden To Own Duct Tape

The TSA As We Know It Is Dead – Here’s Why

A Mosaic Of JPL Messenger Images Of Mercury Ice

Money Costs More To Produce Than It’s Worth – Vid

Megastorms Could Drown Massive Portions Of CA

Academics To Study Threat Of Robot Uprising

Court OKs Warrantless Home Video Recording


Killer Whales Endangered Status Challenged – Photos

3D Printers Could Use Moon Rocks

Discoverer Explains Astoundingly Large Black Hole – Vid

Experts Call For Mental Illness Screening For Children

Can Schools Be Stopped From Electrocution, Brutality? – Vid

Is McDonald’s A Zionist Restaurant? – Vid

24 Foods That Can Save Your Heart

Ohio Firm Demands Employees Get Flu Shot

Scary Elevator Ghost Prank – Vid

Huge Increase Of Tsunami Debris On Hawaii Beaches – Vid


Gunderson – Oyster Creek Plant Leak Worse Than Said

Brave, Older Japanese Work At Fukushima,Tell Truth

AP’s Disgraceful Iran Bomb Drawing Hoax

Netanyahu Revenge – 3,000 More Illegal ‘Settlement’ Homes

Senate Votes To Curb Indefinite Detention

Obama Escalates War, Death, Destruction In Middle East

Bradley Manning Testifies On His Detention

Gennifer Flowers To Broadwell – Call Me

Petraeus Blames His Mistress

FKN News – Arab Dictator Revolution…LOL – Vid


Week 47 Iowa H3N2v Child Without Swine Exposure

Orange County, CA Bird Die-Off Worrisome

Organic – Food Justice For The 99%

Massive Sinkhole In Ohio – Vid

CBS News – Is Palestine Now A State?

Rice Anger As UN Gives Palestinians ‘State’ Status

Jews Announce 3,000 MORE Illegal ‘Settlements’

Israeli Revenge – 3,000 New Jerusalem ‘Settlements’

US Pledges More Money For Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’

Nazemroaya On The Gaza-Israel War – Vid


Chess Game Behind The Recent Gaza-Israel ‘War’

US Building Huge ‘Secret’ Underground Complex In Israel

Israel’s Rabin Approved Saddam Hussein’s Murder

Corporate Media Lying To Sell Iran Nuke Threat

Internet Down Across Syria For Second Day

How The Globalists Write The Script

N Korea Defense Chief Replaced With Hardliner?

La. Sinkhole & Too Many Natural Disasters – Sarah

DHS Loons Add Underwater Drones To Arsenal

Kirwan – The Borg


Martin – Who Killed James Forrestal?

Identical Beta Coronavirus Sequences Signal H2H

Jordan Fatal Beta Coronavirus Cluster Confirms H2H

Fatal Beta Cornavirus Cluster In Jordan Confirmed

Moscow Records Heaviest November Snow In 50 Years

Morgellons…And What You Can Do About It – Vid

US Debt Burden Realy $100 Trillion?

Earth From The International Space Station – Timelapse – Vid

State Senator Proposes Dissolving City Of Detroit

USPS Chief Lays Out Plan For USPS Survival


The Kali Yuga – The Age Of Destruction

Churches Renting Out Steeples As Cell Towers

Trooper Charged With Stealing From Dead Crash Victim

Lunatic Cops Force Disabled Drivers Car To Crash

The Bankrupt, Fraud Government – Shut It Down!

9/11 And How To Proceed – Vid

2012 And The Pyramids At Giza

Mayan Explanation Of December 21, 2012 – Vid

Shifting Sands In Amorphous Zones Of Vagueness

MA Witness Describes Silent Triangle UFO Encounter


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