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02 Dec

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Fukushima Workers Thyroid Glands Hit By 10 SIEVERTS

Tokyo Still Burning 148 Tons Of Radioactive Debris A Day

TEPCO No Solid Plan To Deal With Radioactive Water

Radioactive Fukushima Beef Labeled As From ‘Hokkaido’

CA Kiwi Fruit Mutated By Fukushima Radiation – Vid

San Onofre Nuke Plant May Have Been Sabotaged – Vid


Multiple Blasts Rip US Base In Afghanistan

Explosion In Gaza Amid Fragile Ceasefire

Atzmon – The End Of Jewish Power

Jewish ‘Progressive’ View Of Israeli-Pal Conflict – Vid

Br. Nathanael – Hungary Begins Backlash vs Jews


Operation Pillar Of Death – Naming Gaza’s Dead – Vid

Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed – Vid

Organizing Agenda 21 Resistance In CA – Vid

Officials Fine Texas Brine $100,000 Over Sinkhole

Walmart Shifts Health Burden To Medicaid, Obamacare

If Fighting For Majority Is ‘Radical’, Call Me Radical

Tibetan Monks Statement For 12-21-12 Doomsday

Researcher Offers Alternative Explanation For Warming

200 Sq Ft Tiny Homes Pop Up In DC – Vid

Tiny Homes Elbow Their Way Into Urban Life


Homemade Square Gardening PVC Watering System

Man Kills Deer Unlike Any Other

Take A Drive Down Hollywood Blvd In 1957 – Vid

Dog Plays While Owners Away – Vid

Manning – I Thought I Was Going To Die In That Cage

Huge Triangle UFO Reported Hovering Over MO Home

So, How Do We Stop The Chemtrail Spraying?

Corexit Made BP Gulf Disaster Worse (gee, really?)

Redford Supports Obama Keystone Pipeline Rejection – Vid

States Seize Citizens Property To Balance Budgets


Dawson Takes Alex Jones To The Wood Shed – Vid

Citizens Winning War Over Recording, Photographing Cops

109 Locations Jews Have Been Expelled Since 250 AD

Israeli Lieberman – ‘The Palestinian Authority Doesn’t Exist’

Duff – UN Pal Vote A Humiliating Defeat For US, Israel

Amateurish Hoax – Textbook Graph ‘Implicates’ Iran

Zio Senate Threatens To Stop Aid To Palestinians

Zio Senate Votes To Tighten Iran Sanctions

Lendman – Zionist Lobby Supports Israel Worst Crimes

Soccer Stars Condemn Holding Championship In Israel


Lebanese Conduit For The Syrian Insurgency – Vid

Syria’s Internet Loss & Future Of Info Warfare

Obama Drone Strikes Murder 4, Hurt 3 In Pakistan

NYT Slams Obama’s Targeted Drone Killing Ops

US Drone Crashes Increasing

Russia Increases Demands On NATO Missile Shield

Massive Snowfall Creates Havoc In Russia

Of Goldman Sachs & Tengizchevroil

EUSSR Breaking Europe Into Weaker Regions?

Ebay’s Double Tax Base Prompts Calls For Investigation


More WHO Novel Beta Coronavirus Reporting Issues

Athens In Spiraling HIV-AIDS Crisis – Health Officials

JoeTalk – America Is Now A Third World Country – Vid

Family Sues CIA Over Bioweapons Expert’s 1953 Death

Mobile Phone Addiction Ruining Relationships

Facebook Ordered To Remove Pedo Monitor Page

Mysterious Blood Red Algae Glows Blue At Night

Cyril Smith Teen Sex Assault In Houses Of Parliament

UK To Open 60% Of Countryside To Fracking

The Downside Of Easy Money


Watergate Scandal: Secret Files Released

‘White Witch Coven’ Ritualistic Sex Abuse Of Girls

MN Creating GPS-Based Car Tracking, Tax System

Woman Sues – Tasered While Cuffed In County Jail

New, Can’t Miss Rifle ‘Tracking Point’ Demo – Vid

Dog Saves Woman From Water Moccasin In FL – Vid

Palestine UN Vote Postmortems

The UN Vote On Palestine

Dble Deck Bus HIts Miami Overpass, 2 Dead, 3 Critical

A 16+ Ft Burmese Python Captured In FL Everglades – Vid


Obama Wants Dictatorial Power to increase Debt

Little Progress In Fiscal Cliff Talks

Obama Crazy To Claim Unilateral Debt Ceiling – Vid

21 Vile, Odious Lies Obama Has Told America

NDAA Amendment Passes – But Is It Enough?

Giant Loophole In NDAA Amendment

Nader – Reining In Obama And His Drones

US Drones Use – The Legality Issue


Sen. Sanders – Wall St CEOs Are The ‘Faces Of Class Warfare’

Israeli’s Retiring Defense Chief Ready To Hit Iran

False Flag Nuclear Christmas To Be Blamed On Iran?

F. William Engdahl…CIA Favors Egyptian Brotherhood – Vid

Bilderberg Group Captures Bank Of England

Tortured Wikileaks Suspect Manning Chokes Up At Hearing

Earth Under Chemical Attack From Chemtrails

34 Blatant Signs America Is In Decline

(Pro GMO) EU Finds Fault With French GMO Rat Study

The Other Dark Side Of The GMO Coin


Kaiser Permanente Issues Warning On GMO Food

A Totally Vegan Supermarket To Open In Phoenix

World Bank Warns Of New Norm Of High Food Prices

Young Female Psychopath Forbidden To Own Duct Tape

The TSA As We Know It Is Dead – Here’s Why

A Mosaic Of JPL Messenger Images Of Mercury Ice

Money Costs More To Produce Than It’s Worth – Vid

Megastorms Could Drown Massive Portions Of CA

Academics To Study Threat Of Robot Uprising

Court OKs Warrantless Home Video Recording


Killer Whales Endangered Status Challenged – Photos

3D Printers Could Use Moon Rocks

Discoverer Explains Astoundingly Large Black Hole – Vid

Experts Call For Mental Illness Screening For Children

Can Schools Be Stopped From Electrocution, Brutality? – Vid

Is McDonald’s A Zionist Restaurant? – Vid

24 Foods That Can Save Your Heart

Ohio Firm Demands Employees Get Flu Shot

Scary Elevator Ghost Prank – Vid

Huge Increase Of Tsunami Debris On Hawaii Beaches – Vid


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