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08 Dec

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The Disastrous Status Of Fukushima Daiichi

The Cult Of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons & Fraud Science

7.3 Quake Hits Japan, Small Tsunami, R4 SFP Still Standing – Vid

One Meter Tsunami Hits NE Japan After 7.3 Quake – Vid

Both Fukushima Daiichi Cams Record 7.3 Quake – Vid

Japan TV Warned Of Quake Minutes Before – Vid

Insane Japan Wants To Restart Offline Reactors In Spring!

Radioactive I-131 In Philly Water Almost 2x Over Legal Limit


Mossad Black Ops And False Flags

Middle East On The Boil

Rand Paul Is No Ron Paul, Going To Israel To Prove It

Netanyahu’s Israel

US Conducts New Atomic Test

Hiroshima Mayor Condemns US Nuclear Test

US Handling Of State Secrets Is ‘Outmoded’

Martin – Oliver Stone On James Forrestal

The Revolution Is Personal

Br. Nathanael – Goldman Jews Do The World


Fracking Our Food Supply

Japan Poised To Shoot Down N Korea Satellite Missile

China Air Force In Large Scale Drill Amid Tensions

China To Flatten 700 Mountains For New Desert Metropolis

China Fears End Of The World Is Nigh

Russia Threatens To Respond To New US Bill

An Unusual Perspective

Mexican Police Brutality Uncovered

Flash Floods, Toxic Cloud Cause Havoc In Buenos Aires – Vid

Mass Evacuations In Buenos Aires Due To Toxic Cloud

Chavez Back In Venezuela After Cuba Treatment


Anti-Morsi Protesters Break Presidential Palace Fence – Vid

Hillary – Syria War ‘Accelerating’

UN Chief – ‘No Confirmed Reports Syria Plans WMD Use’

Signs Of Final ‘Rebel’ Onslaught In Syria

US Ramps Up Threats In Psy War On Assad

Syrian Rebels Prepare To Launch Damascus Attack

Food Shortages In Syria Send Prices Soaring

Ten Reasons Iran Doesn’t Want A Nuclear Bomb

E1 ‘Settlements’ – Trashing Evil


Alan Hart – Israeli Nazis

Anti-Zionist Jews In London Protest Israeli Atrocities

LA Activists Rally Against Fundraiser For Israeli Army

French Activists Campaign Against JDL

Shimatsu – Heavy Metal DUI Explosives Never Stop Killing

Records Show Extensive Military Drone Flights In US

Pentagram Prepares US Military Assault On Mali

The BP Disaster…A Gulf States Extermination Event – Vid

Organic – Food Justice For The 99%

Who Needs FEMA Camps When We Have This?

New Flyover Of Giant, Growing La Sinkhole – Vid


Filmmaker’s Video Of Illegal Traffic Stop By Cop – Vid

Walter Burien On Lawless America – Vid

Firefighter Fired Over Obama Toilet Paper

The Sad State Of Planet Earth

Monckton Tossed From Climate Talks For Rejecting Warming

‘Sex For Tuition’ Man Claims Top Level MoD Security Clearance

Top UK Publicist Clifford Arrested On Sex Charges

Starbucks To Pay £10m Tax After Customer Revolt


Brown – Ensuring Scottish Sovereignty

EUSSR Plot To Control All National Spending

Nurse Who Took Prank Call Re Catherine Found Dead – Vid

Is British Queen Legitimate Monarch?

China’s J-17 Jet Fighter Gets Rave Reviews

FKN News – The Way It Is – Vid

Droit de Seigneur In Last Gasp Country

Sharing Is Not A Crime – A Plan To Fight Back

Kenya Ban On All GMOs Draws Cheers, Jeers

Space Firm To Offer Private Missions To The Moon

France Denies It Will Ditch Seaborne Nuclear Deterrent


Natural Cure – Scientists create stem cell contact lens

Burglar Calls 911 On Gun-Brandishing Homeowner

Exclusive – How We Can Stop Obama!!

Detroit To Obama – We Voted For You, Bail Us Out!

Patriot Act Allows US To Spy Worldwide! – Vid

Iran – When The Drones Backfire On America

Sudan Captures Vulture With Israeli Spy Device

Speechless In Gaza



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