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09 Dec

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7.3 Quake Caused Something Strange In Daiichi Unit 1

Residents Shocked By Nuclear Facility Hiding In Plain Sight

Summary Of 7.3 Sendai Quake And Daiichi Damage

Japan Govt Warns Of Giant 8.0 Quake Anytime

Ibaraki Well Water Became Muddy After 7.3 Quake

Clusters Of Fukushima Residents – Nosebleeds, Fevers


NATO Military Intervention (War) In Syria Imminent

Chavez Talks Of Successor As Cancer Worsens – Vid

N Korea May Delay Rocket Launch

Ron Paul And Kucinich Team Up To Oppose Drones


Tea Party Now A Huge GOP Liability

Morsi Cancels His Dictator-Like Constitutional Decree

YouTube Caught Reducing Burien Video View Count – Vid

$315 Billion Of Gold In A Vault – Vid

Pearl Harbor – An Inside Job

Livestock Falling Ill In Fracking Regions

HAARP Steering Typhoon Back On Philippines Again?

Ave Cost Of Univ Degree Is £100,000 And Rising

Homeless Emergency Shelter

Homeless Or Emergency Shelter – Vid


Most Honest 3.5 Minutes Of Television, Ever? – Vid

Text Messages Direct To Your Contact Lens – Vid

Images From The Year 2012

Nuclear Power’s Ugly, Deadly 70th Anniversary

The Disastrous Status Of Fukushima Daiichi

The Cult Of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons & Fraud Science

Mayan Apocalypse Panic Spreads As December 21 Nears

China Joins End Of World Fear Wagon

Medvedev Strange Comments – ET Walks Among Us

Dmitry Medvedev Comments On ET Off The Record


Obama To Overturn WA, CO Marijuana Legalization – Crisis

Carter Condemns Obama Drone Assassinations

Duff – Christmas Of Murder…An American Story

US Secret Service Under DHS Probe

States Have Until Dec 14 To Accept ObamaCare

Obama Wants $60 Billion For Sandy Damage

Feds Want Black Boxes In All New Cars

Complacency Everywhere You Look

Inside Weather Modification Planes – Vid

Egyptian Military Warns Of ‘Disastrous Consequences’


Dean – Israeli Regime Hit With First Sanction

Settlers Acid-Test Netanyahu

Mossad Try To Kill Hamas Leader Fiasco

Ex Powell Aide Skeptical Of Politicized US Intel On Syria

West Plays Phony Syria ‘Chem Weapons’ Card

France Funding Mercenaries In New Push To Oust Assad

How Damascus Became A City At War

Injured, Disabled US Soldiers Return To Afghan War

US To Offer Mercs $10b For Drug War Air Force

Israel Shamir – Oligarch Fight LIVE!…An Entertainment


The Coming Derivatives Panic Will Destroy World Markets

The Tragic Downfall Of The American Worker

James Holmes – Three Ways To Get Set Up For Murder

The Horribly Mutated Seafood In The Gulf Of Mexico

HDTV Easily Hacked, Spies On Viewers

Internet Data Centers Waste Vast Amount Of Energy

How The Civil War Helped Shape Modern Media

US Used New Kind Of Nukes On Fallujah

Treason In Benghazi

Russia Censures Rights Violations In EUSSR


India’s Parliament Approves Walmart Sellout

Canada To Reject Overpriced F-35s

FDA Expands Irradiation Of Your Food Supply

Why Calorie Restriction Can Influence Longevity

Feds Can Jab Kids Without Consent In ‘Emergency’

Brazil Makes First Report Of BSE Mad Cow Disease

2013 – The Year Of The Comets

Parents Of Teen Strip-Searched At School Sue

UK Boy Scouts Atheist Oath Proposal Controversy – Vid

WA Pay-By-Mile Gas Tax For Fuel Efficient Cars?


NYC Hit With Red Light Cam Lawsuit

Helen Duncan…Britain’s Last Witch Trial – Vid

The Story Of Nicola – Reincarnation Experiments – Vid

Tax-Backed ‘Green’ Energy Companies Expand…To China

Amazing 360 Degree Panoramas Of Oz Sights

FL Tackling Python Problem With Hunting Contest

Man Lives In 14 Foot Canoe In Boston Harbor

Fisk On Syria, Assad And Chemical Weapons

Raising Money For Killers

Br. Nathanael – Goldman Jews Do The World



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