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10 Dec

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Gunderson – Reports Of Daiichi Damage After Quake, SFPs Intact

Hitachi Joins Robot Race To Dismantle Fukushima Ruins

7.3 Quake Caused Something Strange In Daiichi Unit 1

Residents Shocked By Nuclear Facility Hiding In Plain Sight


Rense & Lindsey Williams…The Next 4 Years – Vid

UFO Nears China’s Shenzhou-9 After Launch – Vid

N Korea Replaces Rocket Stage, Launch Likely

Netanyahu Mocks Legitimate Governance

Preemptive Strike On Syria Looms

Great Earthquake Hot Spots Pinpointed

Will ObamaCare Architect Liz Fowler Decide Your Drugs?

Food Democracy Calls Prop 37 Election Results Fraud

2012…It’s Not What You’ve Been Told

Alarming Increase In World’s Big Trees Dying

Br. Nathanael – ‘Welcome To Jew York City!’


Nuke Materials Black Market On Turkey-Georgia Border

Through The Mirror w/Larry Sinclair Ending Dec 21, 2012 – Vid

Italy PM Monti Quits As Berlusconi Withdraws Support

What Happens If There’s A Fisacal Cliff? – Humor

Legal Pot Draws Lawyers, Wall St To Washington

Resistance Against The Globalists Is Futile…Unless

Prison Labor Booms In US – Inmates Bring in Biliions

EU Targets Traditional Images Of Mothers, Fathers

Manly Hall…Mysteries Of The Human Body – Vid

Hedges On Hitchens, Dawkins And Externalizing Evil – Vid


Mike Rivero On Alex Jones-Stratfor-Israel Connections – Vid

Scientists Find Children’s Cells Living In Mother’s Brains

Rock Comet Meteor Shower Peaks Dec. 13-14 – Vid

Merry Christmas With Goats! – Vid

Five ‘Goldilocks’ Exoplanets Planets Added This Year

Roswell Officer’s Taped Confession Of ET Recovery Revealed

Japan Vows To Shoot Down Any Rockets From N Korea

Russia Arms Syria With New Ballistic Missiles

Syrian ‘Rebels’ Elect Western-Backed Military Cmdr

Beseiged Damascus Remains Loyal To Assad


Online Sales Tax To Be Added To Defense Bill

BP Knowingly Downplayed Huge Scale Gulf Disaster

US Nuclear Test Cover For New Nuke Bomb Production?

Secret Service Probes ‘Immense Security Breach’

New Unemployment Numbers Are A Fraud

US Consumer Debt At Record $2.7 Trillion

Stop Buying – And Punish Greedy Firms

US Students Struggle With Vocabulary

Palestine Signs In Jerusalem Call On Jews To Leave

Meshaal Says Palestinians Can’t Cede ‘An Inch’ To Israel


Khaled Meshaal in Gaza

Big Crowds Celebrate As Exiled Hamas Leader Returns

Netanyahu – Gaza Hamas Jubilation Proves Israel At Risk

Atzmon – Not The Wisest Phil Around

Killing Palestinians Popular In Israel At Election Time

US Airstike Kills 6 More In Afghanistan

US Drones Kill 3 In Pakistan

Kirwan – Fighting Back…Again

The Essential Posture Of Liberty

Funding Our Own Self-Destruction


Guardian ‘Person Of The Year 2012’ Is Bradley Manning

Zbig – ‘Easier To Kill A Million People Than Control Them’ – Vid

Being Change, Tipping Points & A Lot of Monkeys

Savile – Police Probe Sex Claims Against 25 Celebrities

Oz DJs In Hiding After Royal Call Hoaxl

Royal Hoax Call Radio Station Pulls ALL Advertising

Forsaken People Of Japan’s Largest Slum

UK MSM Reports Scandal Of Home ‘Care’ Abuse

66 German Priests Charged With Sex Abusing Minor

Mandela ‘Proven’ To Be Communist Party Member


Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution

Stealing Electricity From Trees

You ARE What You Eat

Nano Tech Gone Wild

Why Pesticide Is An Ingredient In Infant Formula

Junk Food Banned On TV Ads Sold To Kids Online

NATO Military Intervention (War) In Syria Imminent

Chavez Talks Of Successor As Cancer Worsens – Vid

N Korea May Delay Rocket Launch

Ron Paul And Kucinich Team Up To Oppose Drones



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