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11 Dec

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Gunderson Is Sure There Is Damage To SFP Fuel Rods

More And More Fukushima Children In Declining Health

Tokyo Area Student – ‘All The Food Is Contaminated’

Boeing’s Santa Susana Meltdown Makeover

Gunderson – 7.3 Quake Impact On Daiichi, Daini Nuke Plants


Incredible – Our Kids Aspire To Fascist Youth – Vid

Rense & Maxwell – Americans Don’t Want Truth – Vid

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Talks At Near Standstill

Syria Accuses US Of Bogus Chem Weapons Charges

3,000 US Troops Secretly Return To Iraq…

US Openly Sending Heavy Weapons To Syria ‘Rebels’

Propaganda About Syria Like That On Iraq – Vid

US Militarism Threatening To Set Off WW 3

Israel Behind False Iran Nuclear Data Leak – Reports

Br. Nathanael – ‘Welcome To Jew York City!’


To Hell With The Intelligence

The US And King Netanyahu’s War

Israel To Buy 6,900 Laser-Guided Bombs From Boeing

Americans To Feds – Keep Your Hands Off Our Pot

Prop 37’s Biggest Supporter Was…Monsanto

Every Steak In UK Restaurants Is Raised On GM Feed

Madman Gates Funds Contraceptive, HIV ‘Clothing’

Nobel Winners Pledge To Stand By Euro

Bogota Blues


David Talbott On Mars Mysteries, Pt One – Vid

JoeTalk – It’s All Downhill From Here – Vid

Famous Yellowstone Wolf Killed By Hunters

Cell Phone To See Through Walls

The World’s Wonders Come To China

Inside The Rocky Mountain Giant Glacier Cave

Oz Cops Find 6 Who Got Lost Using Apple Maps

Docs Vanquish Girl’s Cancer By Re-Programming HIV

Breakthrough Against Leukemia Using Altered T-Cells

Gunderson – Reports Of Daiichi Damage After Quake, SFPs Intact


Hitachi Joins Robot Race To Dismantle Fukushima Ruins

7.3 Quake Caused Something Strange In Daiichi Unit 1

Residents Shocked By Nuclear Facility Hiding In Plain Sight

Kirwan – Not ‘Intervention’…This Is WAR

‘Enormous’ Arctic Ocean Dump Of Nuke Reactors By Russia

14 Reactors Dumped By Russian In Arctic Could Explode

Greenwashing Rocketdyne

Russia Will NOT ALLOW Libyan Replay In Syria – Lavrov

Russian Support For Syria Solid Despite US Talks

Foreign Political Recipes Will Not Be Forced On Syria – Russia


Assad’s Strategy Shift Keeps Rebels From Damascus

US Uses Chem Weapons Rumors To Justify Its Position

Hillary ‘Stomach Virus’ Delays Meeting Syria ‘Rebels’

UK Prince Harry To Join Syria Militants?

Palestine’s Next Step

Morsi Gives Egypt Army Police Powers Ahead Of Vote

Egypt Opposition Group To Boycott ‘Irresponsible’ Vote

3,000 US Troops Secretly Return To Iraq Via Kuwait

US RQ-170 Drone Data Fully-Decoded – Iran

USAF Developing New Stealth Drones In Secret


Declining Power Hinders US From New Wars

Leaks From UN Conference Show Orwellian Proposals

Tarpley – Bernanke Fed Must Pay For Sandy Reconstruction

The Not-So-Bright Bulbs At The White House & Pentagon

Democratic Socialists vs America First Populists

Japan Falls Into Reecession

Markets Dive After Monti Announces Resignation

Europe Scorched-Earth Ideology As Depression Deepens

Microsoft Dodges £159 Milion UK Taxes Every Year

Lessons From ‘This Perfect Day’


The Satanic Schematic and the Devil Inside

Scupper The Smart World Order

UK Food Minister Backs GM Crops

Dwindling Resources ‘Threatens Global Chaos’

Everybody’s DNA To Be Mapped In Near Future

Reckless Pharma Prescriptions Killing Americans

Fluoride Removal Victory In New York

Doctors ‘Cure’ Leukemia By Using HIV

Fruits, Vegetables Will Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Over 900 Missing In Philippine Typhoon


Rense & Lindsey Williams…The Next 4 Years – Vid

UFO Nears China’s Shenzhou-9 After Launch – Vid

N Korea Replaces Rocket Stage, Launch Likely

Netanyahu Mocks Legitimate Governance

Preemptive Strike On Syria Looms

Great Earthquake Hot Spots Pinpointed

Will ObamaCare Architect Liz Fowler Decide Your Drugs?

Food Democracy Calls Prop 37 Election Results Fraud

2012…It’s Not What You’ve Been Told

Alarming Increase In World’s Big Trees Dying


Nuke Materials Black Market On Turkey-Georgia Border

Italy PM Monti Quits As Berlusconi Withdraws Support

What Happens If There’s A Fisacal Cliff? – Humor

Legal Pot Draws Lawyers, Wall St To Washington

Resistance Against The Globalists Is Futile…Unless

Prison Labor Booms In US – Inmates Bring in Biliions

EU Targets Traditional Images Of Mothers, Fathers

Manly Hall…Mysteries Of The Human Body – Vid

Hedges On Hitchens, Dawkins And Externalizing Evil – Vid



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