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12 Dec

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Worker – Concrete Of R4 SFP ‘Terribly Deteriorating, Dangerous’

Japan Quake Upgraded To 7.4 – 2 Quakes At Same Time?

Dirty Deeds – Part II Of Boeing’s Meltdown Makeover

Gunderson Is Sure There Is Damage To SFP Fuel Rods


US Brands One Syria ‘Rebel’ Group As Terrorist

US ‘Recognizes’ Other Syria ‘Rebel’ Terror Group

Syria – Tightening The Noose

Iran Exports Drone Technology To Venezuela

Lawsuits For Information On Drones

Chavez Cancer Surgery A Success Says VZ VP

Br. Nathanael – When Jews Rule The World – Vid

Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos!


US Top Secret Space Plane Launched Into Orbit – Vid

3 Mile Wide Asteroid Zooms Past Earth – Vid

Pyongyang Hails Rocket Launch A Success

N Korea Fires Long Range Missile – Vid

Obama WH Bitches, Whines About N Korea Rocket

Fox Contributor Punched At Right To Work Protest – Vid

Hannity, Coulter On Union Violence vs Right To Work – Vid

Oregon Public Employees Retirement System…PERS

Top Five Ways You Are Being Watched

12 Ways We’re Watched & Monitored To Oblivion


Public Busses Add Microphones To Surveillance Cams

Many UK Families Must Choose To Heat Or Eat

Iceland – How To Beat The Banksters

Hurricane Sandy Shows Chemical Super-Pollution – Vid

How The Feds Let Industry Pollute Our Groundwater

The Coming Water Wars

Mysterious UFOs Spotted Above San Francisco – Vid

Strange Lights Appear Over Brooklyn, New York – Vid

Multiple UFO Reports Over Salina This Past Week – Vid

Brain Hacking – War’s Next Battlefield


Walmart Security Guard Shoots ‘Shoplifting’ Mom Dead

19 More Graves Found At Infamous FL School

Sen Stephen Colbert? SC’s Favorite Son Leads Poll

Overuse Of Antibiotics Creates 2 New Superbug Strains

Signs & Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency – Vid

Symptoms Of Low Magnesium

Codex – You Can’t Tell People That Food Prevents Disease

97% Infected In Chicken Pox Outbreak Vaccinated!

Gorgeous Time-Lapse Video Of Oregon – Vid

More And More Fukushima Children In Declining Health



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