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16 Dec

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Japan Admits Radiation Errors For Every Reactor In Country

Two Intense M5 Quakes Hit Fukushima Region – Vid

10 Richter Quake Possible – Could Shake For An Hour


UK Press PIcks Up Rocketdyne Site Radiation Story

19x Background (640 CPM) Over Normal Radiation In UK – Vid

Post-Fukushima Depopulation With Rapid Aging

Fukushima City Radiation Levels Rise 5th Straight Month

The Hollywood MK And Monarch Deception Series – Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Br. Nathanael – Jews Behind US Foreign Policy


True Source Of Mass Shootings And Violence?

Look What Happened In Oz When Guns Were Taken – Vid

Gun-Free Zones Are Where Victims Go To Die

The Hidden Hand Of Controlled Opposition

Roundup Linked To Overgrowth Of Deadly Bacteria

CO Man Blames UT And CA For Stealing Snow

Wind Blew Deadly Sarin Gas To US Troops In Iraq War

The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging

Another Look At The Tsunami Hitting Japan – Vid

What Is This Near The Sun? – Vid


Forget The Mayans, Hollywood Destroys Earth In 2013 – Vid

Morris…The Chabad Are Programming Us All – Vid

Did N Korea Launch A New EMP Weapon System?

22 School Children Knife Attacked In China School

Salbuchi – ‘Human Price’ In The Capitalist Equation

Cease And Resist

FKN News – Shopping For Jesus – Vid

Good, Better And Best Vibrations – Everything Vibrates

Silent, Glowing Dragonfly UFO Over Asheville, NC – Photos

Bethlehem: Christmas Message With Female Touch


Futuristic Handcuffs Will Administer Shocks, Drugs

Too Big To Jail

FL Zero Tolerance For Human Trafficking? Not Really

Farage – Euro Chiefs Like Drug Addicts, Alcoholics – Vid

State Sen – ‘Nullifiers’ Should Be Hanged & Shot? – Vid

China Tightens ‘Great Firewall’ Internet Control

US Gulag Incarceration Surpasses The Soviet’s

‘Tweeters’ Could Become Legitimate Military Targets

Samsung’s Smart TVs Can Spy On Their Owners

Mysterious Metallic Blobs Help Reveal Planets’ Insides


Geodesic Aquaponics Greenhouse Network

Common Chemical In Plastics Linked To Asthma & More

City Gives Speed Cam Ticket To Motionless Car

Hillary Faints, Falls, Has ‘Concussion’ & ‘Stomach Flu’

Depressed Shooter ‘Wicked Smart’ And Said On Meds (surprise)

Adam Lanza ‘Obviously Not Well’

Icke On School Shooting & Obama Crocodile Tears

Obama Wipes Fake Tears Over School Shooting

Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, Mass Hypnosis – The TV Script

Here Come The Grief Counselors…And Prescription


Obama Signals Gun Control Push Coming

Pat Robertson – Obama Wants To Take Over, Destroy US

Obama Lets States Decide On Marijuana

Obama Signs Trade, Human Rghts Bill That Angers Russia

Taitz – 7 Days To File For TRO To Stop Election Certification

Venezuela Rips Obama’s Remarks On Chávez

Chavez Recovery Will Be Complex

NATO Turns Up Heat In Syria Psy-War

UN Plans 10,000 ‘Peacekeepers’ In Syria

Israeli Hawk Lieberman Quits Over Fraud Charges


Holding Israel Accountable

Dec 15, 2012 – Third Intifada Begins

Hungarian MP Burns Israeli Flag At Anti-Zionist Protest

40% Of Israelis Thinking Of Leaving

Kirwan – The Suspect Sky

Devvy – Employers, Doctors, ObamaCare & Supreme Court Cases

Watching The Death Of Small Business In America

Weidner – Tolkien At The End Of Time’

NASA Finds A River On Saturn’s Largest Moon – Vid

Republicans Continue To Delay Sandy Aid

Denial Of GeoEng Despite Mountain Of Evidence


Chicago Police Execute Man With Two Taser Shots

The World Bank’s Climate Hypocrisy

Greek MP Calls For Gun Crackdown

German Population Up As Immigrants Flee South Europe

ESA To Study Solar Max Effects On Satellite Comm

Der Spiegel’s Astonishing Condemnation Of Germany

The Coming Twilight Of The Four Year College

Our Age Of Diminished Expectations

The Fed Central Bank Controls America

Resentment Grows Among China’s Have-Nots


Some Happy News Stories Of 2012

Pediatricians Endorse Cell Phone Safety Legislation

Pesticide Exposure Growing In Children

UK Now Safe Haven For Traitors, Terrorists, Criminals

Prince Charles’s £700m Estate Accused Of Tax Avoidance

Comedian Donates £50,000 For Gitmo Inmate To Sue M16

Univ Students To Face Fingerprint Scanners At Lectures

Another Blow For Troubled Bankster Nat Rothschild

Police State Nightmare For Innocent Mother

Publishers Feed Craze For Teen Erotic Fiction


US Heading To A Soviet-Style Collapse – Gorbachev

Locals Say Gun Control Is Not The Answer

12 Facts About Guns And Mass Shootings

Internet Still Unregulated – UN Treaty Blocked

Maya Calendar Predicts Life Goes On

UFOs May Have Been Chinese Lanterns – Vid

How The Mighty Mississippi Has Fallen From The Drought

Greece…They Live Among Us

Jobs Council Czar Immelt – Communist China ‘Works’

Chinese Doomsday Pods – Vid

Codex Nutrition Committe Chooses Malnutrition!



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