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18 Dec



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Gunderson – Detonation And Shockwave During R3 Explosion – Vid

Genocide – Fukushima Rice Mandatory In Japan School Lunches

Kaku – Fukushima Reactors Are Catastrophic Ticking Time Bombs

Internet Use Forbidden During Japan Election Campaign

LA Wants Public Hearings On San Onofre

No Plans To Reinforce Fukushima Unit 3 For At Least 40 Yrs

NHK Fukushima Documentary – Horrible Plight Of People – Vid


SANDY HOOK & AURORA Are Both In Dark Knight Rising – Photos

US Presidents And Their Advisors Are War Criminals

The Shadow Forces Behind Government

Tarpley – Scenarios For Obamagate In Second Term

Right To Bear Arms Is No Right To Violence

Adam Lanza – Headful Of Vid Games, House Full Of Guns

Br Nathanael – The Globalization Of Hanukkah – Vid


CT Cops…Indy Journalist Whistleblowers To Be Prosecuted – Vid

Two ‘Suspects’ Behind School, Police Catch One? – Vid

Kirwan – CSI

Obama – ‘These Tragedies Must End’

Schools Around US Increase Security

McGrath – CT Shooting Connection & Govern By Crisis – Vid

More References To Violence And SSRIs

Israel Approves 1,500 More Homes In E. Jerusalem

Labor Leader Supports Settler Budget

Senators Want To DOUBLE Israel Missile Funding


Why Obama Will Ignore Israel

Dean – Intel Files Prove US-Israel Relations A Tragedy

Atzmon – Holocaust Not Hope…An Expose’

Premeditated Israeli Violence

Did Jews Sell Blacks Into Slavery?

Tony Blair Is Not Useless At All

Goldman Sachs And The Protocols – Vid

Shocking Decline In Ethiopian Israeli Birthrate

The Pretense The Zionists Need?

Syria Rebels Did Aqrab Massacre, Not Assad Forces

Syrian VP Says Neither Side Can Win War


Islamo-Fascist Killers Threaten Syria

Afghan’s Baffling Gold Exodus

Egypt – Islamists Claim Victory

The Woes Of An American Drone Operator

HSBC Skates

Fiscal Cliff Diversion – Derivatives Tsunami & Dollar Bubble

US – The Five Pillars Of Growing Inequality

Venezuela – Bolivarianism Wins Big

Chavez Allies Sweep To Victory In State Elections

Gun Incidents Continue Across The US


IN Cops Find 47 Guns Over Alleged Threat To School

2 Kansas Officers Fatally Shot Outside Market

Two Wounded In US Theater Shooting

Sandy – Mass Trauma Mind-Manipulation

US Water Supply Will Soon Become Slim Pickings

Humanity vs The Machine – Vid

Pilot Goes Missing During UFO Encounter – Vid

The Awakening Nears Critical Mass

Queen Victoria Hated Her Children Say Academics

Leaked Doc Exposes 36 Infants Dead After Vax


Rappoport – The Real Gun Psychosis

Red China Calls For ‘No Delay’ On Gun Control In US!

Two Mass Murders, Two Movies – Torrid Political Implications?

Odd ‘Hunger Games’ Coincidence & Killer’s Mother A Prepper

LIBOR Link – Fathers Of Killers Holmes & Lanza Were To Testify

Stunning Links Between SSRIs And School Shootings

Brits Warns Us…Gun Ban Caused 40% Rise In Crime – Vid

Look What Happened In Oz When Guns Were Taken – Vid

Banning Guns Won’t Help

Prevailing Against Anti Gun Propaganda With Facts

Kennesaw – Anti-Gun Nuts Think You Have A Duty To Die


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