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25 Dec

Radioactive Fallout Around Incineration Plant Hidden

25 Japan Nuclear Plants Could Go GeoThermal

Abe Returns As Agent 007 In ‘Yenwrecker’

Experts – Japan Radiation Cleanup Meaningless, Endless – Vid

Fukushima-Style Meltdown Possible At Two US Nuke Plants

7,000 Trillion Bq Cesium And 1 Ten Quadrillion Bq I-131 Into Sea


Thousands Enjoy Merry Christmas In Bethlehem

Christmas Flash At Galleria Mall In Redondo Beach CA – Vid

Shoppers Who Waited Found Bigger Bargains

Retailers Hope Late Holiday Shopping Boosts Sales

Obama Won’t Give Up His Guns, Why Should You? – Vid

School Obama’s Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards

Br. Nathanael – My Journey Into The Orthodox Church – Vid


Lawmakers Play Waiting Game With Fiscal Cliff

Top 10 Legal Drugs Linked to Violence

A-21 Being Rammed Down Cities Throats Across US

From Immaculate Conception To Genetic Deception

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

Odd Couples’ Jack Klugman Passes At 90

The ‘Glue’ That Makes Americans Average, Normal…Clueless

The Coming Drone Attack On America

US Gun Lobby Calls For Piers Morgan To Be Deported

Mass Trauma-Based Mind Manipulation

Hypocrisy Of Gun Control Where War, Violence Are Sexy

The Scapegoating Of Nancy Lanza


4 NY Firefighters Shot, 2 Dead, ‘One Or More Shooters’

US WMD Hype – 5 Invasion Plots, 3 Continents, Identical Lies

Obama Furthering Bush Legacy Of War And Death

Dean – Israeli Militants, US Gangsters Shaking Pillars Of US

US, Zionists Use Saudi Petrodollar To Wage War

US To Deploy Newest Weapons To Asia-Pacific (China)

US Lost More Troops To Suicide Than Combat In 2012

Military ‘Suiciding’ Reaches Top SEAL Commander?

Kirwan – Shadows…Seven Days From Darkness

Engdahl – The Monsanto GMO Whitewash


The Matrix-Like Reality Created By Our Media

Frankenfish Salmon Closer To Dining Table

Congress To Obama – Screw Palestine

Fisk – Middle East Has Reached The Tipping Point

Israeli Govt Imposes Contraception On Its Black Jews

Turkey Lifts Veto On Israel’s NATO Activities

UK Troops To Gulf Part Of Move To Encircle Iran

Lavrov – Turkey’s Patriot Missiles Are To Use On Iran

Russian Advisers Manning Syrian Air Defences


Russian Presence In Syria Poses Problems For US

Lavrov – West Supports Terrorists In Syria

Russia, China Join Iran Peace Plan For Syria

Israel Preparing For Collapse Of Assad Regime

Bolivian Judge Flees Haredi Fury

I Quit Murdering People On November 17, 2012

Geoengineered Storms Wreaking Havoc Around World

Cutest Christmas Kitty And Puppy Pictures – Photos, Vid

Dueling Twins Take On Christmas

ET Abduction Evidence On Betty Hill’s Dress – Vid


NASA To Snag An Asteroid For A ‘Moon Space Station’

How Uniformed NY Cops Moonlight For Banks

India’s Rape Victims Fight Back

Police Shut Roads To Stop India Rape Protests

India To Buy $3b In Russian Warplanes, Helicopters

Putin Arrives In New Delhi For Talks

Corning Glass – The End Of The Computer As We Know It – Vid

Paul Craig Roberts – The Greatest Gift For All

Assange Said Suffering Mental Torture

333 Obama Drone Afghan Death Strikes Just In 2012


Institutionalizing Indefinite Detention

Obama & Family Cost Taxpayers 1.4 Billion Last Year

Piling On Syria

When Dreaming Breaks Through Mind Control

Unwavering NRA Opposes Any New Gun Legislation

Israel’s Man At The State Department

Imperial Warrior Kerry At State

Globalist Divide And Conquer – Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Used

Occupy Activists Sue LA Over Police Brutality


Hunger And Homelessness Rise In US Cities

Boston Snow Storm On Valentine’s Day 1940 – Photos

West Antarctica Warming Twice As Fast As Believed

Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion ‘Car Of The Future’ Restored – Photos

26 Acts Of Kindness Movement Grows

18 Of 65 Fuel Assemblies Bent In One Japan Nuke Plant

Freaky Atomic Mutant Bugs Being Found In Japan

Update On Plutonium Found In 3/11 Debris

Hitchens – Stop, THINK, And You’ll See Banning Gun Is A Waste

Duff – America: Police State In Motion


The Coming Drone Attack On America

Shimatsu – How Zionist Politicians Brought On Newtown Killings

William Cooper – Why ‘They’ Are So Intent To Disarm US – Vid

MI Republican Gov. Snyder Vetoes New Gun Legislation

Deaths In Sandy Hook vs US Killed Mideast Children

Rush To Buy Assault Weapons For Self-Defense

Psych Meds Cause Violence – Lanza Records Hidden

Why We Are Still In The Dark About Adam Lanza

Post Sandy Hook Gun Confiscation In January – Vid


US Senate Votes $631 Billion Military Budget

The Ultimate Logic OIf A Society Built On Mass Murder

Kirwan – December 23, 2012…8 Days Left To Live

Kirwan – From The Shadows…Truth Emerges

US, Britain, France Secretly Plotting Worldwide Wars

Netanyahu Kills The Sabbath

Radical Israeli ‘Settlers’ Dig In On West Bank

Bethlehem Christians Feel Israeli ‘Settler’ Squeeze

Netanyahu – Iran A Central Issue For My Next Term

Atzmon – A Tribute To Prof Richard Falk


Opposing Hagel – Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Roadmap To Apartheid Trailer – Vid

Morris – From Pogroms To Palestinians & Greed

Iran Successfully Bypassed Oil Bans

Syria Mercenary Invasion At Stalemate

‘Rebels’ Using Chem Weapons On Syrian Army

Russia Says West Losing Influence On Syria ‘Rebels’

Qatar, Saudi Arabia Turn Syria Into Regional Conflict

Troops Find Weapons Stored In Damascus Tunnels

Egypt – ‘Things Worse Than Under Mubarak’


FDA Pushes To Release GMO Salmon Into Environment

FDA Says GMO Fish Won’t Harm Environment

Drone Wars – Berkeley Considers Ban On Robotic Aircraft

Black 9/11 – Money, Motive, Technology, Plausible Deniability

Crypto-Kubrology…Welcome To My Nightmare

Take Your Kids Out Of Government Schools

What Means ‘Prepare For Economic Collapse’?

The Real Transfer Of Wealth

Brits Deserting Big Banks For Credit Unions

Appeal For Winter Supplies For Afghan Refugees


The Seven Wonders Of The World – Vid

UK Christmas Food Handouts Double

Just Another Night In Binge-Drink Britain

British Army To Lose 20% Of Its Strength

Shocking 62% Rise In Corruption In UK Cops

Mass Looting In Argentina Kills Two

Chile, Argentina Issue Alert Over Copahue Eruption

ET-Ike Meeting – Trade Tech For Human Experiments – Vid

McMinnville UFO Photos…A Scientific Analysis – Photos

South Mississippi Has Long History Of UFO Intrigue

Electro-Dysfunctionality Disorder

Mario Lanza…Silent Night – Vid


The Real Story Of Christmas?

How To Throw Away Negative Thoughts & Feelings

Can Quantum Measurements Beat Computers?

Artist Creates Giant Impressions In Snow

Fat Austin Cops Arrest ‘Santa’ For Chalking Sidewalk – Vid

Great Dance Routines…Hope And Cagney – Vid

N Korea May Have US In Missile Range Says South

NASA Explains Why The World Didn’t End – Vid

Higher Taxes Loom

Kirwan – In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

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