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02 Jan



Arnie – Radioactive Waste In The US…Common On Tokyo Sts – Vid

As We Said, CA Slammed With Fukushima Radiation

Japan PM – Japan WILL Build More Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Will Stay In Germany Says EU

Rad State Road Trip

Almost All N. America Covered In Radioactive Fallout From 3/11


House Approves Fiscal Cliff Bill…Now Goes To Obama

Zionist NY Times – ‘Let’s Give Up On The Constitution’

The End Of The American Dream – Why?

‘Military Human Enhancements’ Dangers Growing

DC Technocrats To Link Gun Ownership & Healthcare

Controversy Over Sandy Hook ‘Victim’ Grows – Vid

Deport Piers Petition Gains Over 100,000 Signatures – Vid

New Year Brings Minimum Wage Hikes In 10 States

Shell Drilling Rig Aground Near Alaska, Spill Possible

Br. Nathanael – Jews Lead Gun Control Charge – Vid

Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos! – Vids


Asteroid To Threaten Earth In 2013 – Vid

Scientology Church Has Message That Is Seen From Space

Citizen Videos Traffic Stop…Cop Changes Attitude – Vid

AZ Cops Hides Evidence In His Garage, Keeps Job

Understanding Demonic Possession Via Face Recog

JoeTalk…They Live Among Us – Vid

Study – Space Travel Is Harmful To The Brain

AIDS-HIV Statistics For The US By Race And Gender

Simple Oregano Keeps Chickens Disease Free

Alzheimer’s And Diet – Vid


New Year Fireworks From Vienna – Vid

How Bicycling Is Transforming Business

Japan Times Blasts Abe’s Pledge To Build MORE Nukes

Japan Times – US Nuke Team Fukushima Data Wasted

Tsunami Debris Floating To West Coast May Be Radioactive – Vid

Gunderson – Salt Water Making It Easier For SFPs To Crack?

Kirwan – By Invitation Only…

Salbuchi – 2013…What’s In Store?

The Weather War…GeoEngineering & BioEngineering – Vid

The Great Deception Of The EUSSR


Massive EMP Could Collapse Economy In A Moment

Chossudovsky – US Destroying A Long List Of Countries

US Tells EUSSR To Up Military Spending

Pentagon Tries To Fix ‘Pervasive Vulnerability’ In Drones

Venezuela Fears Worst – Reports Chavez Near Death

Venezuelan Leadership Up For Grabs?

Beating Up On Iran And Syria

Russia Sends More Warships To Syria

Netanyahu Deploys Holocaust Weapon

Jewish Settlements ‘Same As Falkland Islands’


Israeli Fence Halts Migration From Egypt

Iran Warns Foreign Planes Near Strait Of Hormuz

Iran Test Fires Qader, Nour Missiles In Drilll

Iran Arms Surface, Sub-Surface Units For Cyber War

Did Pam Geller Influence NYC Subway Murder?

Zionist Media Puffs Pam ‘Nuke Europe’ Geller

The Ideal TV News Anchor & His Role In The Matrix

Expose Our Corruption And We’ll Steal Your Child

Americans Drink Doomsday Kool-Aid At Alarming Rate

Plantscrapers – Giant Greenhouse Skyscapers Soon


Peace On Earth And In Space In 2013 – Vid

Man Records Strange Explosion In Space – Vid

Scientologists ‘Alien Space Cathedral’ Found?

On A Wing And A Prayer

CNN ‘Journalism’ Hits Garish New Lows – Vid

Why Was MI6 Team In Paris Night Diana Died?

Bill Cooper Predicted 9/11 In June 2001, Killed 11/1 – Vid

Hollande Won’t Retreat On French Super Tax

Spain Austerity Pain Deepens

Lendman – Take Back America From The Banksters


Impunity Of The Banking Giants

Chiappalone On 2013

GMO Industry – Corporate Hijacking Of Food And Ag

Parents Fed Up With Trash TV Start Own Channel

Six Tech Resolutions For 22013

When Fracking Came To Suburban Texas

Sugar Triggers Hormonal Urge To Overeat

28% Of Brits Show Signs Of Liver Damage

Relentless UK Rain Washes Away Centuries Old Bridge

Antidepressants To Next Be Pushed To Treat Grief?


Irregular Sleep Tied To Increased Fat Around Organs

38th Annual List Of Banished Words

The World Rings In The New Year – Photos

2013 Fireworks In Taipei – Vid – Vid

NBC – There May Be More To Hillarys Hospitalization

Deadline For Fiscal Cliff Passes

Obama Demands Gun Legislation Be Passed In 2013

The Top 12 Political Fallacies Of 2012

DHS Insider – Running Out Of Time

Fiscal Crisis Is The New Normal In Washington


Richard Gage – New 9/11 Showcase – Vid

5-Year Period Of Abundant Oil Supply

And Shepherds We Shall Be  For Thee Lord For Thee…

With Netanyahu, Israel Doesnt Need Enemies

From UFOs To ‘Tsunami Bomb’ – NZ Secrets Revealed

The American Red Double Cross – Vid

Empowering Local Farmers To Fight Hunger

The Higgs Boson God Particle And Conscious Cosmology

Orgone Energy

360 Degree Aerial World Tour (Hit Full Screen) – Vids


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