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05 Jan

Mayor – Radioactive Particles Were Falling On Us – Vid

Workers Dumping Radioactive Waste Into Rivers

Radioactive Cesium In 25 Of 26 Fukushima Area Foods

Law To Force Stores To Sell Fukushima Produce?

Dems Intro High-Capacity Magazine Ban In The House

Michael Moore – ‘I Support The Troops’ Should Just Stop

Netanyahu – Unfit To Serve

Chavez Fights For Life, Supporters Pray For Him

Keystone XL – DilBit Through The Heartland

Curiosity Finds Something Very Strange On Mars

Top Environmentalist Admits He Was Wrong To Oppose GMOs

Rense & Barbour – When John’s Son Came To Visit – Vid

Br. Nathanael – Marine Tells Feinstein…’Shove Your Gun Bill!’

Netherlands Highways To Glow In The Dark – Vid

OR Lawmakers Considering Auto Mileage Tax…Again

The Perfect Cocktail – Rum And Radiation

Coming Eventually – Print Your Own Organs

What I Saw At The Coup

Dog Poet Transmitting 2

300,000 Japanese Still In Temporary Housing

Lightning, Sports & Fists Kill More Than Mass Shootings

More Die By Hammers, Clubs Each Year Than Rifles

The Very Creepy World Of MSM Believers

Kirwan – Deciphering Government Thought-Crimes

Lindorff – US Will Never Stop Funding MIlitarism

Max Keiser – US Risks Collapse Of Dollar In 2013 – Vid

The FBI’s Cold-Blooded Assassinations – Vid

NY Gun Owner Name Publishing – 4 Mistakes

Matrix Governments Pretend To Be Real

Disaster Relief – Another Argument For Public Banking

Vince Foster, Richard Cory And Abe Lincoln

All The President’s Women, Pt 2 – Hillary Clinton

Football Field Length Triangle UFO Over TX Town

Flipping Off Cops Is Constitutional – Federal Court

How To Evade Govt Surveillance, Stay Anonymous Online

VZ Leaders Gather At Hugo Chavez Bedside

Spain Locksmiths Refuse To Help Evict Owners

Putin Second To ‘Nobody’ On Most Powerful List

China OKs $11b Cambodia Infrastructure Deal

Former Shin Bet Chief Slams Netanyahu’s Iran Stance

Netanyahu’s Palace

Madsen – Israel’s Apartheid Model For Palestinians

US Resolution Pressures EU To Act On Hezbollah

Saudi Coast Guard Arrests 21 Iranians Near Island

Another NNC Lendman Interview

Countries Worldwide Turn Against GM Crops

Biotech Shills Use Wet Weather To Push GMOs

Britons Face ‘Massive’ Food Price Hikes

Heritage Pig Farm Embargoed, USDA Closes In

The 5 Most Common Health Myths Pushed By Doctors

Google’s Schmidt N Korea Trip ‘Unhelpful’ Says US

Dr. Chiappalone – The Tricks Gods Do Play

Scientists To Drill Antarctic Ice Into Gothic Horror

Teen Girls Arrested For Drugging Parents To Use Net

Rescuers Save Two Deer From Ice – Photos

The Abuse Of Antibiotics And The Rise Of Superbugs

Are White Dental Composite Fillings Fluoride Bombs?

CDC Testing New H3N2 Vaccine Target

Staten Islanders Enraged Over Stalled Sandy Aid

2012 Second Wettest On Record For UK

Deep Space Travel Proven To Accelerate Alzheimers

Did CIA Intentionally LIE To Zero Dark Thirty Makers?

Britain’s Ghost Town

Hollywood Actress Says Abused At Brit Stage School

2 LA Cops Allegedly Forced Sex On Women

Top 10 Tech Fails Of 2012 – Photos

Ugliest Sound You’ve Ever Heard – Vid

JoeTalk – Disaster Awaits US – Vid

Your Daily Bread Could Be Making You Fat

New Obama Sanctions On Iran…Including Media

McGrath – The Cliff, The Banksters And You – Vid

Hillary Now Resting At Home

Chavez – Severe Lung Infection, Respiratory Failure – Vid

Des Moines Paper Op-Ed Calls For Death To Gun Owners

Rockland Paper Editor Blasts Publication Of Gun Owners – Vid

Glenn Beck – Al Gore Wouldn’t Sell Current TV To Me

Institutionalized Inequality In America

Catastrophic Drought Due? – Mississippi Drops 10′ In 6 Mos

The Third Force

Explosion In Space Called A ‘Weather Balloon’ – Vid

Proof – US Military Radioactive Tests On Americans – Vid

New Tax Law Packed With Breaks For Business

US Ends Google Probe With Mild Wrist Slap

BP Praises Transocean Settlement, Fingers Halliburton

Hardening Israeli Fascism

Israeli Message To Pro Palestinian Groups

Norovirus Outbreak In Portland, OR – Epidemic Alert

The Norovirus – A Study In Puked Perfection

‘Alarmingly High Methane Emissions’ From Fracking

The Nature Conservancy Fails To Grasp Reality

Non-Violent Response Most Effective

England H3N2 Erases HA Glycosylation Gene Site

Anti-Homeopathy For Pets Resolution Slips In

Confirmed – Fundamental Relationship In Atomic Physics

Louisiana Cemeteries Washing Away On Gulf Coast – Photos

Small Plane Up In Flames On Las Vegas Runway – Vid

Is Fukushima A Factor In Japan’s Record Deaths In 2011-12?

Largest Japan Population Drop In Over A Century

Plan To Assassinate Key OWS Leaders Revealed

1.2 Billion Rounds Of Ammo – What Is DHS Prepping For? – Vid

Did DHS Give Ammo Contract To A Shell Corp?

500 Murders In Gun-Banned Chicago In 2012

Gun Control Bill Advances In Illinois

Morris – Sandy Hook & Disarming Americans – Vid

Woman Claims Her Daughter Is Still Alive – Vid

Honda Registered To Man Charged With Felonies – Vid

Illuminati Message? Who Is Christopher Rodia?

The US After Attempted Total Gun Control

Stathis – Jewish Mafia Tied To Death Of America

NYT Trashing The Constitution For Fun And Profit

Kirwan – Everything That Goes Up, Must Come Down

Obama Inks $633 Billion Military Bill For 2013

Obama Death Drones Kill 13 More In Pakistan


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