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06 Jan

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Mayor – Fukushima R4 SFP ‘Could Collapse At Any Time’ – Vid

Nun – Many Fukushima Children Starting To Get Very Sick – Vid

City Official Tells Starving Man To Go Work At Daiichi

Mayor – Radioactive Particles Were Falling On Us – Vid

Workers Dumping Radioactive Waste Into Rivers

Radioactive Cesium In 25 Of 26 Fukushima Area Foods

The Chart Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You To See

Kirwan – Cerberus Guarding Sandy Hook

Obama Demands Debt Ceiling Be Raised

Gun Laws Face Tough Opposition In Congress – Vid

Br. Nathanael – Marine Tells Feinstein…’Shove Your Gun Bill!’

CT Cop Exposes Sandy Hook Contradictions – Vid

Stop The Murdoch Fox News Takeover Of US Media

IRRADIA Couple from Russia – Vid

GMO Salmon Swimming To Your Dinner Plate

Mom And Pop Call It Quits

Flying Superman Has SoCal Talking – Vid

1947 Pontiac Woody Found In Barn – Vid

54 House GOP Try To Abolish IRS – Install Consumer Tax

Hagel And The Israeli Lobby

Bill Clinton ‘Lost’ Vital US Nuclear Codes

Obama To Pay US Debt With Trillion Dollar Coins?

Morris – The Economy Is Worshiping Our Enslavement – Vid

Obamas $7m Hawaii Insult To US Middle Class

All The President’s Women – Diane Feinstein

Morris – Why Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Are There – Vid

Drought Threatens Mississippi, Your Gas Tank, Food

Human Genes Turned Into GMO Rice Grown In Kansas

GE & GMO Industry – Corp Hijacking Of Food & Agriculture

Monsanto Losing Left And Right

How Food Industry Makes Americans Fat, Hungry

Senator Ron Wyden Blasts Warrantless Wiretapping

Biden – Hispanics Are ‘Center Of America’s Future’

Ready? Let’s Pretend Collectivism Doesn’t Exist

Paper That Printed Gun Owner Names Has Armed Guards

Chavez Health Crisis – Power Transition Row Escalates

Pelosi Defends Altered Photo Of Congresswomen

Obama Begins Major Overhaul Of Food Safety Rules

Chossudovsky – The History Of Americas Death Squads

Meyssan – Obama Admin Has Abandoned ‘Free Syrian Army’

Syria ‘Rebels’ Arms, Money Drying Up

Syria Captures al-Qaeida Chief’s Brother

Video Shows Syrian ‘Rebels’ Praising al-Qaeda

How To Halt The Terrorist Money Train

Israel Constant Antii-Iran BS Continues

Shakespeare – US, Zionists Arming Their Own Enemies

US, Zionists Genocidal War Against Muslims

HIV State Of Emergency In Tel Aviv

The Israeli-Afghani Torah Trade

Gaza – Victim Of Israel’s Experimental Wars

Hezbollah In Belize – Ties With Zetas Drug Cartel

Spain Plunders 90% Of SS Fund To Buy Own Debt

Spain Suicides Point To Worsening Crisis

UK Middle Classes Face 65% Tax Rate

Scotsman To Be Future Leader…Of Germany

MD 6 Yr Old Suspended For Pretend Gunshot

Non-Muslim Caught With Explosives Not Indicted

Resonance – Beings Of Frequency…Documentary – Vid

Govt Health Care Kills More Brits Than Guns In US

Study Confirms Hemp Oil Cures Cancer, No Side Effects

UK Hit By Huge Surge In Flu Cases

China Freezes In Worst Cold In 28 Years

Shell Was Moving Grounded Oil Rig To Avoid Taxes

Are There Really Flowers On Mars? Take A Look – Photos

Best Photographs Of 2012

UFOs Over Surprise, AZ Midnight New Year’s 2013, 1/2 – Vid

UFOs Over Surprise, AZ, Midnight New Year’s 2013, 2/2 – Vid

A Father’s Plea – Please Respect The Ladder

BPA Harms Human Fertility – Harvard Study

Ginger Baker – ‘I’ve Lost Everything Many Times

7.5 Quake Off Alaska Coast – Tsunami Warning Canceled

Dems Intro High-Capacity Magazine Ban In The House

Michael Moore – ‘I Support The Troops’ Should Just Stop

Netanyahu – Unfit To Serve

Chavez Fights For Life, Supporters Pray For Him

Venezuela’s Future

Keystone XL – DilBit Through The Heartland

Curiosity Finds Something Very Strange On Mars

Top Environmentalist Admits He Was Wrong To Oppose GMOs

Rense & Barbour – When John’s Son Came To Visit – Vid

Netherlands Highways To Glow In The Dark – Vid

OR Lawmakers Considering Auto Mileage Tax…Again

The Perfect Cocktail – Rum And Radiation

Coming Eventually – Print Your Own Organs

What I Saw At The Coup

Dog Poet Transmitting 2

300,000 Japanese Still In Temporary Housing

Lightning, Sports & Fists Kill More Than Mass Shootings

More Die By Hammers, Clubs Each Year Than Rifles

The Very Creepy World Of MSM Believers

Kirwan – Deciphering Government Thought-Crimes

Lindorff – US Will Never Stop Funding MIlitarism

Max Keiser – US Risks Collapse Of Dollar In 2013 – Vid

The FBI’s Cold-Blooded Assassinations – Vid

NY Gun Owner Name Publishing – 4 Mistakes

Matrix Governments Pretend To Be Real

Disaster Relief – Another Argument For Public Banking

Vince Foster, Richard Cory And Abe Lincoln

All The President’s Women, Pt 2 – Hillary Clinton

Football Field Length Triangle UFO Over TX Town

Flipping Off Cops Is Constitutional – Federal Court

How To Evade Govt Surveillance, Stay Anonymous Online

VZ Leaders Gather At Hugo Chavez Bedside

Spain Locksmiths Refuse To Help Evict Owners

Putin Second To ‘Nobody’ On Most Powerful List

China OKs $11b Cambodia Infrastructure Deal

Former Shin Bet Chief Slams Netanyahu’s Iran Stance

Netanyahu’s Palace

Madsen – Israel’s Apartheid Model For Palestinians

US Resolution Pressures EU To Act On Hezbollah

Saudi Coast Guard Arrests 21 Iranians Near Island

Another NNC Lendman Interview

Countries Worldwide Turn Against GM Crops

Biotech Shills Use Wet Weather To Push GMOs

Britons Face ‘Massive’ Food Price Hikes

Heritage Pig Farm Embargoed, USDA Closes In

The 5 Most Common Health Myths Pushed By Doctors

Google’s Schmidt N Korea Trip ‘Unhelpful’ Says US

Dr. Chiappalone – The Tricks Gods Do Play

Scientists To Drill Antarctic Ice Into Gothic Horror

Teen Girls Arrested For Drugging Parents To Use Net

Rescuers Save Two Deer From Ice – Photos

The Abuse Of Antibiotics And The Rise Of Superbugs

Are White Dental Composite Fillings Fluoride Bombs?

CDC Testing New H3N2 Vaccine Target

Staten Islanders Enraged Over Stalled Sandy Aid

2012 Second Wettest On Record For UK

Deep Space Travel Proven To Accelerate Alzheimers

Did CIA Intentionally LIE To Zero Dark Thirty Makers?

Britain’s Ghost Town


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