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09 Jan

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Female Sailor Describes Hair Loss, Nausea, Illness

TEPCO Starts Putting Cover On SFP 4 – Photos

Japan’s Cleanup After A Fukushima Is Denounced

PA Cancer Skyrockets After Nuke Power Arrived – Vid

Afghanistan – Obama MIght Pull Out US Troops In 2015

Global Warming At Standstill Admits Scam Met Office

Unparalleled Heat – Oz Now Burning ‘Deep Purple’

Oz Wildfires Rage As Temps At ‘Catastrophic’ Level

How Shadowy Groups Control Internet Opinion, Debate

Hedges – Whole US Regions Treated As Exploited Colonies

Kirwan – How This Government Got Caught – 1

Kirwan – How This Government Got Caught – 2

Very Strange Pulsating Light Over Atlanta GA – Vid

Sacramento ‘UFO Explosion’ Mystery Revealed – Photos

Help Wanted – Astronauts For Mars Colony

China-Japan Drone Race Picks Up Speed

Russian For Beginners 1st Lesson – Vid

Universal Dental Coverage In America?

FL Governor Avoids Implementing ObamaCare

Second Boeing Dreamliner Incident Raises Concern

Court Strikes Down NYPD ‘Stop and Frisk’ Policy

How Oil Production Impacts The Rainforest

Poland Bans GMO Crops

The Irradiation Loophole

Vaccines Didn’t Save Us – 200 Years Of Official Stats

Worm – The Other Red Meat

Are You Deficient In Vitamin M?

Paul Harvey Describes EVIL 47 Years Ago – Vid

Dr. Chiappalone – The Bible – Myths And Doctrines

Chiappalone – Brisbane Lecture, November 2012 – Vid

Testing Einstein’s Famous Equation E=mc2 In Outer Space

Govt Film On Atmospheric Nuke Weapons Testing – Vid

Justin Bieber Fans Urged To Cut Themselves

Asthma Drug Making Asthma Worse

Led Poisoning Could Be A Cause Of Violent Crime

Jones ‘Fears For Life’ After Morgan Interview

Zio Dershowitz – ‘Alex Jones Was An Exhibit’ – Vid

Jones – ‘You Ruined My Life You Sons Of Bitches’ – Vid

Zio Shill Piers – ‘Jones Best Advertising For Gun Control’

Jones Makes US Gun Owners Look Really, REALLY Bad – Vid

Piers Morgan Discusses Jones ‘Performance’

Jones vs Morgan – Some Pros And Cons

Jones May Sue TSA Over Austin Airport Harassment

McGrath – Is Civil War Coming To America? – Vid

WA Residents Rage At Anti-Self Defense Bill

Devvy – America’s Killing Fields…Infants, Babies, Teens

Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Coincidence

CT Town Launches Vid Game BuyBack – Vid

Obama Tossing Medical Marijuana Patients Into Prison

40+ Children Paralyzed After New Meningitis Vax

New York Times Supports Austerity Harshness

18 H3N2 Deaths In PA In First Week Of Year

Three More WA Flu Deaths Reported

OH Swine H3N2v Matches 2011 IN & PA Cases

100s Of Wildfires – ‘Catastrophe’ In Oz – Vid

Superstorm In Tel Aviv

Zionists Massacred Jews Across The Globe

Palestine – Ethnic Cleansing The ‘Nice’ Way

Atzmon – Mleeta, Khiam & The Resistance In General

Atzmon – 0.000125% Jews Are Ethical, Universalists

Xplodastream – Vid

Western Media War On Syria

‘Rebels’ Shoot 11 Civilians In Homs

Iran Admits Oil Exports Fall By 40%

Pike – Does Islam Spawn Terror?

McGrath – Another Fed Gift To The TBTF – Vid

Tar Sands Blockaders Take Over TransCanada Offices In TX

The Euro Crisis Is Over – Barroso

Loyalist Rioting In Belfast For Fifth Night

Japan Ups Surveillance Near Disputed Isles

9/11 Conspiracy…Undeniable Evidence Pt 1– Vid

9/11 Conspiracy…Undeniable Evidence Pt 2 – Vid

Has Technology Made Us Afraid Of Silence?

15 Yr Old Saudi Girl Flees 90 Yr Old Husband

Kuwait Tweeter Gets 2 Yrs For Criticizing Rulers

Abu Dhabi To Build £400 Million Louvre

VZ Los Roques Islands New Bermuda Triangle?

Standard Kilogram Has Put On Weight, X-Rays Reveal

A Message To Porn Viewers From Porn Stars – Vid

Crayfish Secretly Spreading A Deadly Frog Epidemic

How Artists Use Human Visual Processing – Vid

The Little-Known Legend Of Jesus In Japan

China Looking To ‘Clean’ Thorium Nuclear Power

Obama Picks Hagel For SecDef, Brennan For CIA

NeoCon Jews Buy ‘Chuck Hagel Dot.Com’

Br. Nathanael – What Really Happened At Sandy Hook? – Vid

Obama Drones Kill 8 More In Pakistan

Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones – Vid

Buchanan Warns Of ‘Revolution’ Over Guns – Vid

Kirwan – Lt. J. Paul Vance…Who Is He Really?

All-Out Social Security Under Attack In February

Tax Avoidance Rising – Twice Amount Of SS & Medicare

Michael Hoffman Talks About Usury – Vid

The Road To World War Three – Vid

Call For Political Revolt vs New Obama Amnesty

Latin America Beware – Imperialists Coming For More

Mysterious ‘Beam’ Interrupts Radar In Illinois, Puzzles Experts

Congress Breaths Life Into Wind Energy

Those Who Refuse To Deprogram Will Be Illiterate

Girls Need More Protection From ‘Greedy Corporate World’

Women Stressed At Work, Overwhelmed At Home

Cell Phones – Why We Never Look Up Anymore

Our New Year…Your New Moment

China Facing ‘Extremely Grave’ Environmental Crisis

Biofuels Cause Pollution, Not As Green As Thought

Static Electricity The Key To Predicting earthquakes?

Extreme Cold Strands 1,000 China Ships In Frozen Ocean

Five Fun, Odd Gadgets From The CES

14 Gadets We Wish Were Unveiled At The CES

How Old Is Grandma?

Life On The Brink – Environmentalists vs Overpopulation

Soursop Fruit 100x Stronger At Killing Cancer Than Chemo

Under The Weather? Could Be Because Of The Rain

Fresh Scandal Over Weight-Loss Drug Linked To Deaths

200,000 Bq Cesium In Dust Outside Fukushima Prefecture

As Plutonium Hoard Grows, So Do Japan’s Headaches

World In Denial – Underestimating Japans Nuclear Disaster

Vile Zionist Feinstein Caught In HUGE Lie – Vid

Obama Secret Plan To Reclassify Your Guns

White House Faces Fight With NRA Over Guns

Schwarzenegger – Movie Violence Not To Blame For Shootings

United Way Gave Condolences 3 Days BEFORE Sandy Hook?

Rense & Andy Gause – Sandy Hook Summation, Pt 2 – Vid

McChrystal Details Tension Between Pentagon, Obama

Hagel To Face ‘Questions’ Over Israel Views

New Aurora Shooting Details Emerge In Court – Vid

Aurora – Holmes ‘Was Out Of It’ Cops Tells Court

Top 10 Most Dangerous US Govt Agencies

We Are Watching The Death Of US Small Business

Tarpley – Fanatics Pushing US Towards Bankruptcy

US Food Stamps Hit Record Of $80 Billion

America’s Lackluster December Jobs Report

US Considering $1 Trillion Coin To Pay Off Debt

Global Warming – The Tool Of The West

US Nuclear Lab Removes Chinese Tech Over Security

Foreign Terrorists Wage War On Syria

Assad Denounces Syria ‘Rebels’ As ‘Murderous Criminals’

Israel To Build Border Fence Between Golan And Syria

Settlers Give False Testimony To Supreme Court

Ecuador Taxes Bankers, Pres Faces CIA Murder

Ecuador President Warns Of Possible ‘CIA Attack’

Bolivia Slams US Over ‘Irrefutable Evidence’ Of Meddling

US Drone Found Floating In Philippines

Why West Wants To Throttle Press TV

Christmas Terror Attack Foiled In Russia

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