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10 Jan

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Many In Fukushima Feel They’re Being Used As Guinea Pigs

Radiation – It’s Impossible To Recover Pre-Disaster Environment

Fukushima Decon Workers Threatened

Fire Strikes Transformer At TX Nuclear Power Plant

Wake Up! Watch This – Deadly Stealth Microwave Technology – Vid

Br. Nathanael – Why The Jews Want Your Guns

Aurora Victim Father – Holmes ‘Evil’ Not Crazy

Newtown Official Calls For FAU Professor’s Firing

US Grapples With Absurdity Of Trillion Dollar Coin

US Surveillance Act Grave Threat To EU Sovereignty

The Current State Of US Medical Care

Why 80% Of World’s People Will Soon Stop Eating Wheat

Orlando Man’s Patriot Garden Targeted Again

Keiser Report – Deadly Deflation – Vid

Stopping Rush – A Modern David And Goliath Tale

2,200+ Limbaugh Sponsors – Gone

On The Road, In Search Of The Hidden Visible

Aspartame Exposure – Oxidative Stress In Brains, Methanol

Catholic Church Out Of Steop With 21st Century

Morgan & Guests Talk About Murdering Alex Jones – Vid

New Poll – 85% Of Americans Distrust Congress

Sandy Hook – The Conspirator’s Plot – Vid

Morris – Sandy Hook…The Hoaxers Always Win – Vid

FL Univ Prof Disputes Official Sandy Hook Story

White House Bans Us Of Photos Of Obama Children

Dictator Obama To Use EO To Restrict Guns – Biden

Supremes To Hear Taitz Argue Obama Forged, Fraud IDs

Kirwan On The Mike Harris Show, Part 1

Police And The Military – Time To Choose – Vid

Israelis ‘Concerned’ About Hagel’s Nomination

Hagel And Brennan Nominations

Iran Attack Would Be ‘Huge Mistake’ – Turkey US Envoy

48 Iranians Freed By Syrian ‘Rebels’ For 2,100 Prisoners

Hazardous 300 Meter Wide Asteroid Nears Earth

Severe Flu Spreading ‘Fiercely’ Across US – Vid

NYC Ferry Crashes Into Dock…50+ Injured – Vid

Eurasian Union…New Capitalist Soviet Union – Vid

Federal Reserve May Pause Quantitative Easing

Secrets And Lies Of The Bailout – One Broker’s Story

NYT War On Medicare And Social Security

Superpower? – 128 Million Americans On Welfare

Dependence On Food Stamps Is A Ticking Bomb

Daylight UFO Photograph Over Muskogee, OK 1955

Likud Leader – Israeli Courts Corrupted

Atzmon – United Against Beauty – Vid

Palestine – Oppression Will Not Work – Vid

Teen Prostitution Ring Exposed In Tel Aviv

Pike – The Real Reason For Islamic Terrorism

Why We Should Stop The Spread Of The TSA

Orwellian EUSSR Demands Details Of All UK Drivers

Spain Jobless Rate At Record 26.6%

Brussels Fears ‘Poverty Trap’ For Half Of Europe

20 Facts About The Collapse Of Europe

EnvironmentalistsConfront Overpopulation – Part 2

Planetary Disasters – It Could Happen One Night

Electricity Is The Key To Understanding The Sun

Solar Variability And Terrestrial Climate – NASA Science

2012 Was America’s Warmest Year On Record

Americans Health Declines, Dying Younger

Sweet Sodas, Soft Drinks Raise Risk of Depression – Study

Community Food Gardens In Cuba, San Francisco – Vid

When Parents Lie To Their Children

Bugger The Bankers – They Don’t Give An Arse – Vid

Afghanistan – Obama MIght Pull Out US Troops In 2015

Global Warming At Standstill Admits Scam Met Office

Unparalleled Heat – Oz Now Burning ‘Deep Purple’

Oz Wildfires Rage As Temps At ‘Catastrophic’ Level

How Shadowy Groups Control Internet Opinion, Debate

Hedges – Whole US Regions Treated As Exploited Colonies

Kirwan – How This Government Got Caught – 1

Kirwan – How This Government Got Caught – 2

Very Strange Pulsating Light Over Atlanta GA – Vid

Sacramento ‘UFO Explosion’ Mystery Revealed – Photos

Help Wanted – Astronauts For Mars Colony

China-Japan Drone Race Picks Up Speed

Russian For Beginners 1st Lesson – Vid

Universal Dental Coverage In America?

FL Governor Avoids Implementing ObamaCare

Second Boeing Dreamliner Incident Raises Concern

Court Strikes Down NYPD ‘Stop and Frisk’ Policy

How Oil Production Impacts The Rainforest

Poland Bans GMO Crops

The Irradiation Loophole

Vaccines Didn’t Save Us – 200 Years Of Official Stats

Worm – The Other Red Meat

Are You Deficient In Vitamin M?

Paul Harvey Describes EVIL 47 Years Ago – Vid

Dr. Chiappalone – The Bible – Myths And Doctrines

Chiappalone – Brisbane Lecture, November 2012 – Vid

Testing Einstein’s Famous Equation E=mc2 In Outer Space

Govt Film On Atmospheric Nuke Weapons Testing – Vid

Justin Bieber Fans Urged To Cut Themselves

Asthma Drug Making Asthma Worse

Led Poisoning Could Be A Cause Of Violent Crime

Jones ‘Fears For Life’ After Morgan Interview

Zio Dershowitz – ‘Alex Jones Was An Exhibit’ – Vid

Jones – ‘You Ruined My Life You Sons Of Bitches’ – Vid

Zio Shill Piers – ‘Jones Best Advertising For Gun Control’

Jones Makes US Gun Owners Look Really, REALLY Bad – Vid

Piers Morgan Discusses Jones ‘Performance’

Jones vs Morgan – Some Pros And Cons

Jones May Sue TSA Over Austin Airport Harassment

McGrath – Is Civil War Coming To America? – Vid

WA Residents Rage At Anti-Self Defense Bill

Devvy – America’s Killing Fields…Infants, Babies, Teens

Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Coincidence

CT Town Launches Vid Game BuyBack – Vid

Obama Tossing Medical Marijuana Patients Into Prison

40+ Children Paralyzed After New Meningitis Vax

New York Times Supports Austerity Harshness

18 H3N2 Deaths In PA In First Week Of Year

Three More WA Flu Deaths Reported

OH Swine H3N2v Matches 2011 IN & PA Cases

100s Of Wildfires – ‘Catastrophe’ In Oz – Vid

Superstorm In Tel Aviv

Zionists Massacred Jews Across The Globe

Palestine – Ethnic Cleansing The ‘Nice’ Way

Atzmon – Mleeta, Khiam & The Resistance In General

Atzmon – 0.000125% Jews Are Ethical, Universalists

Xplodastream – Vid

Western Media War On Syria

‘Rebels’ Shoot 11 Civilians In Homs

Iran Admits Oil Exports Fall By 40%

Pike – Does Islam Spawn Terror?

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