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13 Jan

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Fukushima Workers Not Checked For Rad To Arms, Legs

Winter Radioactive Hot Zones In America

5 Million Tons Of Debris Washed To Sea, 1.5 Million To Hit US

1 Milllion Bq/Kg In Soil Next To Fukushima Reservoir

Not Much Time Left Until Next Nuclear Catastrophe – Vid

Israelis Evict West Bank Palestinians In Tent City – Vid

New York Gov Declares Public Health Emergency

Worst In Years Flu Season Spreading In Florida

Military-Industrial Complex Owns Vermont

Hobby Lobby Avoids Huge ObamaCare Fine…For Now – Vid

Israeli Police Erase Palestinian Tent Camp, Many Arrested – Vid

Obama Death Drone ‘Kill List’ Critic Suicided

Weird Weather – Temp Extremes From Coast To Coast

IRS Threatens Employers Over ObamaCare Mandate

In Gun Debate, Video Game Industry Defends Itself

Larry Pratt – Brit Gun Crime Stats Are A Sham

EU Demands Access To Details Of All UK Drivers

UFO Sightings At Space Station On The Rise – Vid

Obama…Either Uphold The 14th Or Face Impeachment

Everything We Know About Obama’s Death Drones

Treasury Rules Out Trillion-Dollar Coin

E10 Ethanol Gas Destroys Engines…Proof – Vid

E15 Ethanol Gas Even More Destructive Than E10 – Vid

Disney World RFID Tracking Bracelets – Walt Would Rage

Hostess Sells Off Wonder Bread – Twinkies Next?

New Panasonic TVs Can Recognize A Face

Sequestering The Working And MIddle Class

NYPD Wants Drones To ‘Survey Crowds’

Mae Brussell On Mind Control – Vid

Aspartame – Sweet Or Misery

Toxic Air Blocks Beijing Sun, Residents Ordered Indoors – Vid

Mom Wakes To Find Snake Wrapped Around 2 Yr Old’s Arm

Top Ten Brain Myths

42 Alien Planets Discovered By Amateur Astronomers

New Fossils Confirm Existence Of ‘Hobbit Humans’

The Top 100 Pictures Of The Day For 2012

Crack In Spent Fuel Rods In Japan Nuke Plant

Cancer And Fallout From 1950s US Nuke Tests – Vid

Rense & Celente – Lead By Example – Vid

‘Secret’ Obamacare Provision Forbids EOs On Gun & Ammo

‘Utter Chaos’ If Marxist Obama Starts Gun-Grabbing

How To End The ‘Gun Debate’ Forever

James Yeager, Gun CEO, Backpedals On Fiery Rhetoric – Vid

OH School District Votes Guns For Janitors

Emanuel To Push New Chicago Gun Regulations

WY Wants Jail For Feds Who Enforce Gun Laws

WH Denies Secession Petitions, Cites Civil War Deaths

One Step Closer To America’s Coming Civil War

How The Matrix Deals With Power

Tarantino Won’t Answer Questions On Film Violence

BBC Condemned For Pro-Israel Bias

BBC Exposed By The Corbet Report – Vid

Osborne To EU – Change Or Britain Will Leave

Busby – US DU Ammo Behind Iraq Birth Defects Spike – Vid

Chemtrails – Beyond GeoEngineering Planetary Weather

US Not Ready For Cyber Attacks On Critical Infrastructure

Washington Refuses To Fund Buildng Of ‘Death Star’

How Can You Resist The Age Of The Drones

Boeing 787 Dreamliner To Be Investigated By Feds

Hey, Scofflaws – Police Union Cards Available On eBay

Reddit Co-Owner Reportedly Commits Suicide

10 Tips How To Spot A Fake Facebook Account


Iran War Would Destroy US Superpower Status

Greek Middle Class To Pay 40% Tax Rate On Income!

Over A 25% Of US Kids Now On Food Stamps

Krugman – The Deficit Problem Is Mostly Solved

Why No One’s Fortune Is Safe

RFK Children Speak About JFK Murder Conspiracy

Stomach Flu Epidemic In France

Influenza, Not The Only Illness Spreading

Humidity Cause For Flu Peak?

Zionist Jewish Mind Control – A Case Study

New OHE Album – Songs Of The Metropolis – Vid

Israel Vows Veto If Hagel Confirmed (satire)

Cartels Paying Border Cops To Smuggle Drugs, People Into US

10 Cannabis Studies The Govt Wished It Hadn’t Funded

Herbicide Could Make Deadly Bacteria Even Worse

‘Toddler’ Is 20 Years Old, Is NOT AGING

Dispatches From AAS – 3,000 Exoplanets & Counting

Explosion Blows Apart Texas Home – Vid

Erupting Russian Volcano Creating A Lava Lake – Vid

Is This A Base On The Moon? Sure Looks Like It – Vid

AF Gen Blows Whistle On Obama But Zio Media Deaf

Alex Jones, Mad As Hell But Says Right Words Again – Vid

GA Mom Hero – Defended Kids With Gun Against Intruder – Vid

Br. Nathanael – Why The Jews Want Your Guns

Flu Season Strikes Early And, In Some Places, Hard

Flu Hits Businesses Hard

Snow, Sleet, Ice, Very Cold Temps To Cover All England

Climate Change Already Affecting US Economy, People

Syria Mercenaries Seize Key Airbase In North – Report

Olmert – Bibi Wasted Billions On Futile Iran War Plans

The Resiliency Of The Neocons – Gen Petraeus & The Kagans

Chavismo In Venezuela

US Law Prohibits Gitmo Prisoners To America

Sen Rockefeller Retiring After Five Terms

Palestinians Put Tents On Land Israel Plans For Settlers

US Farmers Protest GMOs In Washington

Massive Postal Cuts A Move To Privatization? – Vid

Drought-Damaged States Face Poor Outlook

Climate Assessment Delivers A Grim Overview

Need Another Reason To Avoid Aspartame? Here’s 92

App Shows How Alcohol Ages You

Jimmy Savile Sex-Abuse Scandal Stretches Over Decades

George Carlin And Bill Hicks…Slick Remix – Vid

Astronomers Spot Biggest Structure In The Universe

Biggest Structure In The Universe Explained (Infographic)

Einstein Was Right About Space-Time Being ‘Smooth’

Largest Spiral Galaxy 5 Times Bigger Than Milky Way

Italy’s Fascist UFO Files – Vid

Mysterious Object Has Town Folk Baffled – Vid

Wilde – The Lizard Lady

Black Sea Fortress Yields 2,000 Yr Old Treasure

3 Police Die Of Leukemia – Sent To Fukushima Area

Elderly Death Rate Spikes Among Fukushima Evacuees

New Japan Govt Wants Return To Full Nuke Power

Easiest Way To Avoid Flu – Stay Healthy, Use Soap & Water

Flu – Coughing Robot Shows How Far Germs Fly – Vid

Morris – We Dont Have An Original Thought Amongst Us

Fitts – Coming Clean Beyond The Fiscal Cliff

Poland GM Crop Ban – Classic Political Deception

Occupation Entity Run By Maniacs, War Criminals

750′ Long Oil Tanker Slam SF Bay Bridge In Fog – Photos

Do We Really Need Industrial Ag To Feed The World?

Pesticides And Parkinsons – The Link Gets Stronger

Big Dog Teaches Puppy To Go Downstairs – Vid


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