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15 Jan

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Radioactive Cesium Ash Being Spread By Wind, Rain

The Crooked Clean Up Of Fukushima City

Fukushima Governor Bleeding Internally

Teens Working With, Handling Radioactive Waste

Gunderson – Crystal River Nuke Plant May Be Shut

Obama Admits Gun Control Effort May Fail

Anonymous Responds To Obama’s Gun Grab Effort – Vid

Don’t Be SandyHooked – Obama Hypnotized US – Vid

McGrath…From Tragedy To Tyranny – Vid

MIT Refused To Help Keep Aaron Swartz Out Of Prison

Obama DOJ Targeting Aaron Swartz, Internet Genius

We Are All Aaron Swartz – Fighting Against The Racket

Br. Nathanael – Trends To Watch In 2013 – Vid

Br. Nathanael’s Amazing Videos!

Reported US Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 38

Beck & Dr. Janda – Terrifying Implications Of Obamacare – Vid

Dr Janda On Rationing Under Obamacare – Vid

Dr. Dave Janda Dissects Obamacare Propaganda – Vid

Roubini – Climate Change Causing Econ Disaster – Vid

UFO Triangle Over Phoenix, AZ Seen Enroute To Work – Vid

USA – The Disposable People – Vid

How A Bogus Report About Iran Was Hatched And Spread

Digitizing The Doctor’s Office In 2013

David Bowie’s Exceptional Late Style

Anger, Rage Over ‘Suicide’ Of Aaron Swartz – Vid

Leaked Video Of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon On 9/11 – Vid

A Map Of Influenza Activity In All 50 States

Obama Refuses To Compromise On Raising Debt Ceiling

Bernanke – Raising Debt Ceiling Is Crucial

Morris…Sandy Hook, JFK, Bali, Madrid, 7-7, All Same? – Vid

White House Petition To Ban First Amendment

What Govt Fears Most – Blacks And Whites United With Guns

WalMart Suspends New Ammo Orders

Gun Confiscation – Last Refuge Of The Tyrant

Some Popular Media Myths On Guns

Attempted Gun Theft Tied To Newspaper Naming Gun Owners

Youth Gun Violence Down 95% Since 1994

Onion…Violent Vid Games Prepping Kids For Apocalypse? – Vid

Obama Leading Global Assassination Campaign

Brennan As Much An Architect Of 9/11 As OBL

Aaron Swartz – Suicide Or Murder By Government?

Family Accuses Prosecutors Over Aaron Swartz Death

Internet Is Being Slaughtered In The Back Room

Israel’s ‘Army Of Bloggers’ To Fight Anti-Zionists

JoeTalk – We Will March To Our Deaths – Vid

There’s Smoke And Then…There Are Mirrors

Obama Amnesty For Illegals Will Harm Us ALL

US Army Degenerates By Leaps And Bounds

Kirwan – Look Back In Anger – Pt 1

Kirwan – Look Back In Anger – Pt 2

Russian FM Says Assad Removal ‘Impossible’

Tarpley – Russia Will Not Bow To US Pressure Over Syria

Syrian Soldiers Kill Scores Of ‘Rebels’, Mercenaries

Iran Denied Life-Saving Drugs Due To Sanctions

Iran ‘Modern Warfare’ Drill In Strait Of Hormuz

Most Israelis Disagree With Netanyahu On Iran

Netanyaho Vows To Build Disputed ‘Settlement’

England Soccer Stars Push Holocaust Propaganda To Kids

Instead Of Statistics, Israel Published Racistics

45 Foreign Maids On Saudi Arabia’s Death Row

How The US Abused Russia, Part 1 – Vid

French Mali Intervention A Disaster – Vid

French Planes Bomb Malian District Capital Of Gao

Goldman Bankers Set For Big Bonus Windfall

UFOs Over South Texas Oil And Fracking Fields – Photo

South TX Landed UFO Photo Passes Two Authenticity Tests

Residents Baffled By Mysterious Lights Over Detroit – Vid

Hastings – UFO Sightings During US Pacific Nuclear Tests

2 Whales Wash Up On Long Island Beaches

‘Smart’ Despotism To Be Our Inevitable Future?

Fighting Back Against The ‘Intellectual Property’ Racket

Salvador Dali Vs The Matrix

Who Runs Britain…No 10 Or Faceless Mandarins?

Heroin Should Be Legalised Say UK Lawmakers

A Surprising Way to Tell If You’ll Develop Alzheimer’s

20m Yr Old Samples From Sub-Glacial Antarctic Lake

Junk Food Linked To Asthma, Eczema In Children

60 Mile Front Wildfire Blazes Across Australia

Do Animals Tell Stories?

2,000 Yr Old Shipwreck Contains Natural Medicines

Deception Of Whole Grain Food Labels

Amazing Properties Of Sunlight You’ve Never Heard About

Straw Bale Gardening – Start To Finish

Suicided – Why The Gifted Aaron Swartz Was A Threat – Vid

Gun Groups Predict Assault Weapons Bill Will Fail

Netanyahu – The Face Of Israeli Fascism

Israeli Elections Near

America Can Be A Scary Place For Americans

Do You Live In A Death Spiral State?

New Water Lows For Great Lakes

Beijing Warns Residents After Staggering Smog

General Motors Is Becoming China Motors – Vid

Revolution Or WWIII? The Petrodollar Scam

The Debt Limit – What Bills Will Get Paid

When The War Comes Home

‘Idle No More’ – The Indigenous People’s Revolution Begins

‘Idle No More’, Think Occupy With Deeper Roots

Ethiopian Kids Hack Laptops In 5 Months, Zero Instruction

Stealth Codex Alimentarius Regs Stopped In US…For Now

Real UFO Footage 2013 From Space – Vid

UFO Sightings Increase Around Intl Space Station

UFO Sightings During Nuclear Testing In The Pacific

We’re Sailing In Uncharted Cosmic Seas

China Space Program Ups US Satellite Security Fears

The Short, Sad Life Of Greedaholics Anonymous

I Am A Second Amendment Supporter

Oil Sand Industry In Canada Tied To Increased Cancers

Review – ‘Iron Curtain – The Crushing Of Eastern Europe 1944-56’

NASA Images Of The Week, Jan 13 – Photos

Nearby Star Is Almost As Old As The Universe

When Vets Said NO To Government Evil…Battle Of Athens – Vid

Devvy – Gun Grab Blame? Gun Owners Need To Look In Mirror

Judge Napolitano – The Right To Shoot Tyrants, Not Deer

‘More Kids May Be Killed To Get Your Guns’ – Vid

1902 Act Makes Gun Control Laws UnEnforceable

How About Gun Control For The Pentagon?

Timeout For Beauty…Romancing The Wind – Vid

Judge Dale On The UCC Filings And Further Info

Judge Dale – The Secrets Of America, Pt 1 of 5

Hysteria Part Of Flu Epidemic

Reagan Warned Us About Obama

Americans Feel Austerity As Payroll Taxes Rise

Goldman Bonuses To Top $13 Billion

China Sends Jet Fighters To East China Sea

China Quadruples Rice Imports, Stockpiles Food

Israel To Build 170 New ‘Settler’ Units In Jordan Valley

Netanyahu – NOBODY Will Block E-1 Corridor

Bishop Cites Jewish People As ‘Enemies Of The Church’

Israel Spent $3 Billion On Iran Attack Planning

US, France To Hit Syria Airports (Air Force) – Reports

Russia Rejects Assad Exit As Precondition For Deal

Russia Warships Near Syria – A Signal To The US

Jimmy Savile Was Part Of (The Worldwide) Satanic Cult

Police Told Savile Victim She Would Be ‘Mincemeat’

84% Rise In Child Trafficking In UK


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