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16 Jan

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Was Aaron Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?

Swartz’ Prosecutor Linked To Another Hacker’s Death

‘Aaron Was Killed By The Govt’ – Father On Son’s Death

Oust US Atty Carmen Ortiz For Overreach In Swartz Case

Rense & Weidner – Sandy Hook Doesn’t Add Up – Vid

Zio Tactic – Obama To Present Gun Grab With Children

Journalists Won’t Post ‘Home Is Proudly Gun Free’ Sign – Vid

Paul Craig Roberts – Attack On Sovereignty

Kirwan – Obama, Congress And Illiteracy

All Nippon Air Grounds Dreamliners – Boeing Troubles Grow

Geithner – US Could Default By Mid-February

Nature’s Path Foods CEO Talks About GMOs

Top 10 Flu Questions Answered

NYPD To Try GPS ‘Bait Bottles’ To Track Drug Thieves

Sixth Graders Need New Textbook On Ancient World History

Last Video By Spacecraft That Crashed into Moon – Vid

Coca-Cola Launches Anti-Obesity TV Ad Campaign

Fast Food Tied To Childhood Asthma, Allergies

Chimpanzees Have Sense Of ‘Fairness’

Artist Can’t Draw Awake, Creates Masterpieces Asleep

Deaf Dog Dances To Vibrations Of Guitar

First Layer Of R4 Steel Cover Frame Complete – Photo

Radiation Fears Contaminate Sales For Japan Farmers

Insane Japan Govt To Build Fallout Shelters Near Nuke Plants

Radioactive Cesium Ash Being Spread By Wind, Rain

The Crooked Clean Up Of Fukushima City

Fukushima Governor Bleeding Internally

GOP Rep Says impeachment if Obama Uses EO On Guns

Biden – WH Eying 19 Executive Actions On Guns

Adam Lanza Essentially Vanished The Last 3 Years – Vid

Gun Control, Dick Act, Bills Of Attainder & Ex Post Facto Laws

Is Obama Killing Off ‘Kill List’ Critics?

Obama Hiding Info On Americans Marked For Death – US Senator

Swartz Faced More Prison Than Killers, Slave Dealers

US Attorney As Bully And Assassin

The Suspicious Death Of Aaron Swartz

Kirwan – Obama Is NOT The Government

Tarpley – Obama’s Drone Gang vs Neocon Battalions

NY – 1st State Gun Laws Since Newtown Massacre

Demand A Stop To ‘Smart Gun’ Plans

Duff – Denial Of Truth, Mind Control, Satanism In America

Ex-US Soldier’s Opinion – Anger And A Time to Kill

Obama WH Rips Down 2nd Forged ID Resign Petition

New York Creates Psychiatric Police State

What You DON’T Say Might Be Held Against You

US Cops Now Using ‘Crime-Prediction’ Software

US Spends More On Sex Drugs For Ex-Soldiers

Record US Troop Suicides Exceed Combat Deaths

GMO Crops Destroy Our Soil And Food Supply

A Stunning 57% Of Illegal Immigrants On Welfare

Iran’s Khamenei Bans Nuclear Weapons For Iran

Iran Plans To Phase Out Dollar, Euro In Foreign Trade

Duff – Israeli ‘Witch Hunt’ Cripples Free Speech, ICC

Israelis KIll Another Palestinian

Israelis Want Out – 40% Want To Leave

Will 2013 See American Jews Secede From Israel?

On Musmus, A Forgotten Pharaoh, And Political Violence

Memo To Goldman Sachs – (Partly) Why People Hate You

Washington’s Economic Boom…Financed By You

The 5 Step Process To Cheat The Middle Class Worker

What’s Really Inside America’s Banks?

Saudi Arabia, Big Oil & US Foreign Policy, Pt 1 – Vid

Huge China Underground Tunnel System Hides Nukes

Global Cyber Spy Network Uncovered By Russian Experts

Russia To Launch Lunar Mission In 2015

EUSSR Controlled Bureaucrats Run Britain

EU Dumps Zionist Hate Law – Crosses OK At Work

Queen Using Veto Over New Laws

N Korea Installs 16,000 Cams To Watch Citizens

German Activists Start To Destroy Surveillance Cams

New Pay Per Mile Scheme Will Raise Taxes 250%

CDC Updates Flu Advice For Pediatricians

Tubing Down The River To Shylock City

Doomsday Clock Holds At 5 ‘Til Midnight

By Way Of Attempted Explication

Mississippi River May Soon Be Unnavigable

Update – Corporations Are Not People In Carpool Lanes


60 Studies Confirm Cancer Link To Vax You Likely Had

Chinese Plant Compound Wipes Out Cancer in 40 Days

Court Awards Millions To Two Children With Autism

Italian Court Links MMR Vaccine To Autism

Diet Soda, Aspartame Shown Destroys Kidney Function

Widespread ‘Criminalization Of Pregnancy’ In US Institutions

Building Our Own Future – Literally – Vid

Hollande Calls For Renewable Energy To Avert ‘Catastrophe’

‘The Masses Are Stupid’ Says Gerard Depardieu

Woman Drives 900 Mi Out Of Her Way After GPS Error

Obama Admits Gun Control Effort May Fail

Anonymous Responds To Obama’s Gun Grab Effort – Vid

Don’t Be SandyHooked – Obama Hypnotized US – Vid

McGrath…From Tragedy To Tyranny – Vid

MIT Refused To Help Keep Aaron Swartz Out Of Prison

Obama DOJ Targeting Aaron Swartz, Internet Genius

We Are All Aaron Swartz – Fighting Against The Racket

Br. Nathanael – Trends To Watch In 2013 – Vid

Br. Nathanael’s Amazing Videos!

Reported US Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 38

Beck & Dr. Janda – Terrifying Implications Of Obamacare – Vid

Dr Janda On Rationing Under Obamacare – Vid

Dr. Dave Janda Dissects Obamacare Propaganda – Vid

Roubini – Climate Change Causing Econ Disaster – Vid

UFO Triangle Over Phoenix, AZ Seen Enroute To Work – Vid

USA – The Disposable People – Vid

How A Bogus Report About Iran Was Hatched And Spread

Digitizing The Doctor’s Office In 2013

David Bowie’s Exceptional Late Style


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