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18 Jan

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Medical And Ecological Consequences Of Fukushima

Rampant Violations During Fukushima Decontamination

Rand Declares War On Obama EOs On Gun Control

Oz Citizens Own More Guns Since Strict Gun Laws Enacted

NY Gun Law – The Real Outcome They’re After – Vid

Br. Nathanael – Political Judaism As A World Threat

Boeing Dreamliner – ‘It’s Going To Be A Mess’ To Fix Them

UN Launches New Attempt To Control The Internet

Kirwan – Free Republic NOT A MONARCHY

French Meet Tougher Mali Fighters Than Thought

China’s Military Hawks Take The Offensive

Django Unclean, X-Rated Hobbits And Reality TV Gurus

Peak Oil Theories ‘Increasingly Groundless’ Says BP Chief

Death Knell For Nerve Agent Pesticides To Save Bees

New Congress Even Richer With Millionaire Newcomers

Third Major UK Retail Chain Closes In A Week

UFO Soaring Over Moon Surface In Online Video

Giant, Black Triangle, 4′ Tall Figures Inside Over Texas

UFOs On Moon – Scientists, Astronauts See Strange Things – Vid

Truth Or Denial In The Age Of Information Overload

Frosty – Of Course We’re Not Overpopulating Earth

Networking To Survive

A Prisoner Account

We Are Not Germany, We Will NOT Be Silenced

10 Things For Conscious People To Focus On In 2013

Proliferating GMO Crops Harming Monarch Butterflies

Beef With Horse Meat May Have Been Sold ‘For Years’

Health Of Tree Tied To Our Own Health

Eclectic Body Painting By Japanese Artist – Photos

BMA Orders Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vax For Gay Men

Hairdressers, Health Workers, Plumbers – Asthma From Chems

Oz Amateur Prospector Finds Massive Gold Nugget

US Launches 35-Year Quest For A New Yucca Mountain

Media Myth On Pediatric Flu Deaths

US Week 2 Pneumonia-Flu Death Rate Spikes To 8.3%

Nine Pediatric Flu Deaths Cited In CDC Week 2 FluView

New Study Verifies The Mercury In Flu Shots Is Toxic

Obama Gun Plan’s Expected Rules On ‘Mental Health’

Obama Pledges To Go All The Way In Zionist Gun Grab

Obama’s PR Machine And Zionist Media Can Crush The NRA

3D Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot

BoA Won’t Honor Debit/Credit Card Buys Of Ammo, Guns – Vid

Bush AG – Obama’s Executive Orders Are Legal – Vid

‘Officers Cannot Obey An Unconstitutional Order’ – Vid

US Military Empire Ready To Start Multiple Wars

Netanyahu Hits Back At Obama Criticism

‘There Would Be No Arabic Schools!’

Israeli Apologist Benny Morris

Iran – Power Play In The Strait Of Hormuz

Russia Slams US For Blaming Syria Government For Blasts

China Backs Khamenei’s Decree Against Nuclear Weapons

Satanists Plan Rally In Support Of FL Gov

Satanic Agenda Of US Intelligence

Homer AK Hijacked By Agenda 21

The War Against Agenda 21 Just Got Hotter

Rotten To The Core

WH Plans To Increase Death Drone Flights In The US

Predator Death Drone ‘Toy’ For Kids…Good ‘Comments’ On It

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Republican Voting Challenge

Two US Power Plants Hit With Software Viruses

NSA & Banks To ‘Fight Hackers’…And Get Your Data?

New Mtge Rules To Protect Struggling Homeowners

House Will Vote To Reverse Fed Worker Pay Raise

Bernanke Keeps Calling For An End To Debt Ceiling

USPS Told To Hurry Saving Measures – Broke By October?

More Corn Ethanol…More Harm To Consumers, Environment

Photovoltaics Beat Biofuels In Miles Driven

Do We Need GMO Farmed Salmon?

FDA Ruling On GMO Salmon Worries Alaskan Fishermen

China’s ‘Air’pocalypse Concern For Expat Parents

Small Nuke Reactors For Oil Sands Mining In Canada

Mars Crew ‘Guinea Pigs’ Suffered Insomnia, Lethargy

Hubble Space Telescope To Snap 6 New Deep Field Pics

Why The Moon Seems So Large On Horizon

Pittsburgh Cops Shoot Driver, Mother During Chase

Man Arrested In Public Park For Carrying A Flag – Vid

Health Of Obese Kids Much Worse Than Thought

Can Pesticides Be Rinsed Off? (barely) – Vid

How To Go Vegan

In Health US Is Not #1

Magical Thinking About Water Fluoridation

Dentists Are Fluoride-Science Ignorant

Looking Ahead To 2013 Fighting Water Fluoridation

Vietnam Deploying Bloggers To Support The Govt=

Latest Bond Film Censored In China

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee – Pic

47 States Revolt Against Obama Gun Control

Devvy – Obama Could Be Removed By His Own Signature

SC Bill Would Nullify All EOs Against Right To Bear Arms

The Truth About Executive Orders – Attorney Bill Olson

Fake Birth Cert, Stolen SS # – A Criminal In The White House

House Bill Would Ban All Internet Ammunition Sales

How TV Will Shape The New Gun Culture In America

Heavy Duty, Restricted Guns Legally Sold In Texas

Encore – The Best 5 Minute Documentary On 911 Ever – Vid

Obama vs Netanyahu – Round Two

Aaron Swartz – Suicide Or Murder?

An Open Video Letter To Bob Costas – Vid

Bringing Americans To Their Knees

Asteroid To Pass Close Enough To Knock Out Satellites On 2-15

FAA Grounds Boeing Dreamliners

EU Budget For Palestine Used To Protect Israel

Guantanamo, Drone Missiles, Afghanistan & The NDAA

SOFEX – Mass Murder Is BIG Business – Vid

The Routine Death Of Investigative Reporting – Vid

Fracking Lights Up ND At Night As Seen From Space

Only Known US Saucer Project (Avrocar) Declassified

Horrific Complaints Against NC Schoolteacher

Health Workers, Pregnant Women Shun Flu Vax In Droves

New Flu Vax Uses Insect Virus & Recombinant DNA

What Are The Health Benefits Of Spirulina?

Similarities Of Human Cities & Human Neurons – Photos

Whole Foods Founder On Fascism & Conscious Capitalism

Man Outsources His Work To China To Watch Cat Vids


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