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20 Jan

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Fukushima Debris Hits Hawaii

Zero Hedge – ‘Detonating The Japanese Debt Time Bomb’

Caldicott – Terribly Alarming What Is Happening In Pacific – Audio

Fukushima Will Never End – They’ve No Idea How To Fix It – Audio

AR Gets Radioactive Snow, Sleet…No Warnings – Vid

Obama Death Drone Kill Eight More In Yemen

‘Removal Of Assad Unacceptable’ – Syrian Government

Pro-2nd Amendment Rallies Flood US Capitols – Photos

Rallies Across The US Oppose Obama’s Gun Moves

Obama’s Fake SSN Tied To 1940 Census

Bulgarian Opposition Leader Survives Assassintion – Vid

Taxpayers Paying For Mossad Luxury Vacations

What Mossad Female Agents Do For Israel

Thom Hartmann – Republicans Have No Shame

Is PTSD Contagious?

Baseball Legend Stan Musial Dies At 92

Big Jump In Kenyan Elephant Slaughter

Faces Of Meth – Before And After

Puerto Rican Claims Abducted By ETs, Has Photos – Vid

Devvy – Which STD Factory Are You Dating?

Is Rand Paul A Born Again Zionist?

NM Sheriffs Won’t Enforce UnConstitutional Gun Orders

Hypocrisy – Rich, Famous…And Armed – Hannity, Ailes, Etc

NRA Plans ‘Fight Of The Century’ Against Obama

Fake Conservative Gov Christie Blasts NRA

Mind Control, Not Gun Control

20th C. Horrors Pale To Where We Are Headed – Vid

New Yorkers Don’t Understand Tyranny – Vid

Kirwan – The National Celebration Begins

50 Questions For Anyone Who Is Not A Prepper Yet

Matrix Programming 101 – Destroy Logic

PA Hospital To Stop Baby Deliveries Over ObamaCare

Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein Gets 75% Pay Raise

IRS Loses Suit In Fight Against Tax Preparers

DOD And Homeland Security Are Unauditable

WalMart To Hire 100,000 Vets, Buy $50b US Made Goods

US CEOs Want To Raise Retirement Age To 70

Domestic UAVs Provoke Severe Privacy Concerns

US Media Coverup Murdoch News Corp Scandal

DOJ ‘Complies’ With ACLU FOIA…With Totally Black Pages

US Week 2 – P&I Death Rate Spike Raises Concerns

Sen John Cornyn Blasts Eric Holder Over Swartz Death

Manning Denied A Whistleblower Defense

The Drought…Bad And Not Going Away

Warming Idiots In 2000 – ‘Snow Now A Thing Of The Past’

Snowpocalypse Russia – Photos

Refugee Camp Heathrow – Snow Cancels 100 Flights

Tarpley – Northern Syria Leanrs To Hate ‘Rebels’

Western Sponsored Aleppo Mass Murder

Engdahl – ‘Pentagon Behind French Intervention In Mali’

Panetta Threatens Action Against African Militants

White House, Pentagon At Odds Over Mali – Report

Russia Confirms ‘Guantanamo List’ Against US

Obama’s Stunning Arrogance On UK, EUSSR Will Backfire

UK Development Of Dones ‘Unethical’

Algeria A Target In Recolonisation Of Africa – Vid

The Revolt Of The B’Seder Arabs

Fed Official Alleges Geithner Alerted Banks To Rate Cut

Kim Dotcom Spoiling For A Fight With US Authorities

Senators – Bigelow’s Zero Dark 30 Supports Waterboarding

Impunity For Govt Workers Using Child Porn – Vid

Lendman – Open Letter To NY Times Editors

TX School Boots Student Who Refused Tracking Device

Ex New Orleans Mayor Nagin Indicted On Corruption

Only 11% Sucralose Removed From Water Serving 28m People

Belgium To Build ‘Battery Island’ For Wind Farm Energy

UFO Debunker, Philip Klass And The FBI

18 Human Heads At Airport May Be Legitimate?

CO Cops Face Felony For Killing ‘Trophy’ Elk

ACLU Sues Philly PD For Arresting Citizen Photogs

Bill Maher – ALL Your Rights Are Under Attack – Vid

Larry Elder Goes Toe-To-Toe With Piers Morgan

German Cars Among Worse For Engine Failures

45 Yr Old Twins Voluntarily Euthanized Together

Brain Scans To Detect If You’re A Racist

Proof Of ET Life – Scientists…Fossilized Algae Inside Meteorite

Proof Of ET Life Found in Meteorite, Claim Scientists – Vid

Mysterious Domes In Siberia – Radioactive UFO Weapons? – Vid

Where Babies Really Come From

Amazing, Magnificent Music Box – Vid

Best Animal Moms – Photos


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