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22 Jan

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UK Firms To Bid For Japan’s Nuclear Cleanup

Asphalt Decontamination Can Decrease Radiation Only 20%

Photo Of Radioactive Fish Near Fukushima

Highly Radioactive Fukushima Sludge Shipped For Compost!

40,700 Bq/Kg From Household Ash In Fukushima City

5 Bq/Kg Fukushima Apple Juice And 5.8 Bq/Kg From Miso

Even If The Entire World Was Contaminated…

Moscow To Begin Evac Of Russians From Syria

Imperialist Powers Escalate War In Mali

Four More Years

Orwell Uncovered – A Tour Of The Ministry Of Truth

Quick Fix For Dreamliner Looks Doubtful – Vid

Malicious Software Threatens US Power Plants

Why Isnt Gold Higher?

Berlin Protests Focus On Farming And Food Safety

Prince Harry – I Have killed

Br. Nathanael – Military Coup In America? – Vid

Radiation From Cosmic Blast Hit Earth In AD 774

A Smorgasbord Of Sh*t From Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass

Calcium Supplements – As Serious As A Heart Attack

Why Johnny Can’t Read Anymore

Kirwan – Psychotic Paranoia & Insanity

Big Money But No Big Lines

Obama’s Inauguration Roadshow Hoax – Vid

Devvy – Criminal Impostor ‘President’ Sworn In Again

JoeTalk – Hail Obama – Your New Master – Vid

Ultimate Timeline Of The New World Order (1763-2013)

US Cooks Up Nuclear Fairy Tale On Iran

Kirwan – The Untouchables

15 Yr Case Against Cancer Cure Dr. Burzynski Dismissed!

One Nation Under Siege…And How To Fix It– Vid

Sandy Hook Actors, Robots, Androids & TV Creations

Sandy Hook Mom – Psychic 5 Yr Old Son Refused To Go To School

Snopes View Of ‘Sandy Hook Exposed’ Video

Hidden Viral Gene In Commercial GMO Crops Found

The Future Of Food – Vid

6,000 Lbs Organic Food On 1/10th Acre, Downtown LA – Vid

Our Children’s Legacy: Debt And Environment

Journalist Howard Blum Says Govt Lies About UFOs

Did NASA Delete Evidence Of UFOs From Its Photo Archive?

Powerful Gamma-Ray Burst ‘Hit Earth In 8th Century’

The Freak Cancerous Organism Devouring The World

Is Your Cell Phone Stealing Your Life Force?

Hemp Growing Was Once The Law In The US

Diagnostic Apps Fail Their Health Check

Andrew Hessel – 3 Gigabits Of Genetic Code

Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes

Pentagon Labels Citizen Protests As Acts Of Terrorism

Zionist NeoCons Personal Attack On Chuck Hagel

Netanyahu Reject Pal State With 1967 Borders

Arab Gloom As Israel Shifts Far Right

Barrett – Obama Losing Patience With Netanyahu

Israel Abandons Former Arab Collaborators

Al-Qaeda Threat’ Smokescreen For Re-Colonization Of N Africa

Israel Criminalizes Throwing Snowballs

Harris/PressTV – US Drone Strikes Amount To War Crimes – Vid

Harris – US Obama Death Drone Strikes Are War Crimes

Israelis Vote

New Obama ‘Playbook’ Rules Exempts Death Drone Hits

Obama Drone Murders Flout All Domestic, Intl Laws – Vid

Obama Death Drones Kill 2 More In Afghanistan

Obama Death Drones Kill 4 More In Yemen

France Aims For ‘Total Reconquest’ Of Mali

Algerian Hostage Crisis Death Toll Tops 80

Intelligence Chiefs, Special Forces Plot Sahara Tactics

Be A Proud Conspiracy Theorist, You’re In The Majority

Increased US Pediatric Flu Deaths In Week 2

F-35 Lightning Can’t Fly In…Lightning

New Bubbling Site Near Bayou Corne Sinkhole – Vid

Decentralizing Hollywood

Harvard Seeks Female To Birth Cloned Neanderthal

‘Adventurous’ Woman Wanted…To Birth Neanderthal Baby

Homeowner Grabs Shotgun, Stops Thief – Vid

School Shootings, Crimes Stopped By Armed Citizens

15 Yr Old Kills 5 In New Mexico Home

Addicted To Plastic – Vid

Inequality Is Holding Back The Recovery

Dreamliner Probe Widens, Battery Voltage Ruled Out

Sheriffs Against Obamacide

Iodine Madness! Oregon’s ‘Pre-Crime’ Law

Private Pilot Nearly Shot Down Over Secret No Fly Zone

15 Sick, Disgusting Logos You Won’t Believe

Another Look – UFO Lands In Texas Oil Town? – Vid

Pic Of UFO Coming Up From Moon In Apollo 14 – Photo Now Gone?

Hackers Can Track Online Photos Back To The HOME – Vid

Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us – Vid

Too Much Spent On Oz Fires Says Researcher

Fukushima Debris Hits Hawaii

AR Gets Radioactive Snow, Sleet…No Warnings – Vid

Obama Taking Nation Into ‘Full-On Depression’

Congress Report Lists 36 Pages Of Obama Crimes

Classmate – The Obama Scandal Is At Columbia

Obama Wants To ‘Understand’ Muslim Terrorists

Rense & Lindsey Williams – Docs Quitting Over ObamaCare – Vid

Max Igan – A Coup Underway In America – Vid

US Planned, Executed 9/11 To Justify Invading Mideast – Iran

Tarpley – US Expectations Shattered Over Syria

Navi Pillay Targets Syria

Russia Begins Major Naval Drills In Mediterranean

Obama Death Drone Kills 5 In NE Afghanistan

Ron Paul Slams US ‘King Of The World’ Policy

Duff – Rogue CIA Elements Responsible For Swartz Death

Kirwan – Cracking The Edifice Of Evil, Pt 1

Kirwan – Cracking The Edifice Of Evil, Pt 2

Communism – Letter To Mary Sparrowdancer

Australian Gun Law Update

Young Girls Face Unprecedented Sexualization Crisis

Snow Disrupts Flights In Europe

Snow Covers UK, Tens Of Thousands Stranded

My 1,700-Mile Hike Across The XL Pipeline

The Bitter Harvest Of Monsanto GMO Seeds – Vid

CA Commits Suicide

‘Political Coward’ Netanyahu Sees Bigger Rift With Obama

Netanyahu – ‘Nuclear Iran’ Top Problem, Not ‘Settlements’

Last Secular Settler Dies

Zionism = Blowing Up The Dome Of The Rock

Atzmon – You Can’t Criticize Jewish Politics Image

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