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23 Jan

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  • Regulators discover a hidden viral gene in commercial GMO crops.
  • “Up to half of all life on Earth are simple microorgs hidden in rocks.” Mars?
  • Ancient Sri Lankan moonstone artefact used as UK garden step.
  • Why faking the Moon landing would have been impossible.
  • The dark side of Buddhism?
  • Controversy surrounds Santa Muerte statue found in cemetery.
  • Rare spider species found in Highgate Cemetery’s Egyptian Avenue vaults.
  • Planetary Initiation – Daniel Pinchbeck at TEDxSanMigueldeAllende.
  • Dead Sea not quite dead yet.
  • Bleak images of e-waste in Ghana by Pieter Hugo.
  • The hounded giant.
  • Psychic talent show winner locked in prize row. She should have tried JREF’s MDC.
  • Winnie the Pooh visited Stonehenge.
  • Cool anamorphic sculptures.
  • Feline public safety film on the dangers of Catnip.
  • Aliens ‘cutting down visits to Earth’ since introduction of camera phones.Image

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