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24 Jan

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  • Starch –and not a caveman version of Cesar Millan– is what helped us turn wolves into dogs.
  • A Yeti theme park in Russia?
  • You just know you need to move to a better neighborhood when the Bigfoot screams are worse than the dog barks.
  • Meet the Mowgli of the cetacean world.
  • The Math formula that tells us how long EVERYTHING will live. If professor Rodriguez had mentioned that, then I’d certainly would have paid attention to his Algebra class!!
  • Alan Turing: Defeater of the Axis, father of our modern computer era. Bigotry prevented him from reaping the fruits of his genius.
  • Media manipulation & the dehumanization of autism.
  • The numbers have spoken: Star Wars fans are superior to Star Trek fans.
  • Obama & the number 4.
  • First they gave us Gangnam, no they want to give us fusion. You rock, South Korea!
  • Inside public transportation, it’s the prototype gadgets what distinguishes the billionaires from the plebes.
  • Is the world ready for 3D-printed houses?
  • When worlds collide… in your hallway.
  • Zé Arigó: Psychic surgeon from Brazil.
  • Hunting for unicorns: David Metcalfe on the JREF’s Million Dollar Challenge Circus.
  • Red Pill of the Day: Alex Jones vs the High Bulbarians of High Death TV –NSFW if you work for the NWO.


Cape Breton-Nova Scotia Photos


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