Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

17 Oct

Cape Breton Home of our Hearts


The latest news from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database of witness reports shows the number of sightings compared to the summer burst remain low, but Roger Marsh pieces together several for you to check on and rates the states on their UFO Alert Status. In a separate report, Marsh gives attention to a more spectacular case detailed in the witness report to MUFON found in Triangle UFO Became Transparent While Illinois Witnesses Watched, a description of a Friday sighting at an undisclosed location. Of late, Comet Elenin was capturing headlines and being attributed to many UFO sightings before apparently disintegrating. But the possibility another disintegrating comet led to a famous claim by UFOlogists prompts John Voisey to ask Was the “First Photographed UFO” a Comet? Meanwhile, Micah Hanks looks at the possibilities available for explaining the UFO phenomenon and alien encounters with Into the Matrix: Artificial Intelligence, Future Humanity and the UFO Enigma. Is the UFO phenomenon a product of contact with extradimensional intelligences and/or future humans manifesting in our timeline? Elsewhere, Jose Antonio Caravaca shares A Socorro-like UFO Episode in Spain [Circa 1930], retelling the experience of Rocio Gonzales’ great uncle Raimundo of Torcal de Antequera, Malaga, Spain, who claimed to have encountered an unidentified object with strange beings in the 1930s. Raimundo’s story is compared by Caravaca to the 1964 report of New Mexico policeman Lonnie Zamora in the famous Socorro Incident. What are the similarities, and what are the differences in these two incidents separated by thousands of miles and more than two decades?


On the heels of a recent report of something that resembled the famous Mothman cryptid a Chicago resident has stepped forward with a report that may tie into the previous report, which is included in this posting by Lon Stricler. The man from Chicago gives the background of a photo he snapped in August of a local landmark. He later realized he had captured an image of an unidentified object with a faintly batlike silhouette in the sky above the landmark. Is it connected to the more recent report of a Mothman-like creature peeking into a third storey window in the Windy City? Meanwhile, Jena Bryner reveals details of the hypothesis of a husband and wife research team who infer evidence of the existence of an ancient sea creature that munched on plesiosaurs from remains unearthed in Nevada, as shown in Lair of Ancient ‘Kraken’ Sea Monster Possibly Discovered. The two don’t claim any direct physical evidence of something like the ancient Norse sea monster, but point, instead, to middens of bones of gargantuan monsters supposedly bearing marks like those observed on sperm whales which don’t find an easy meal when they dine on giant squid. Sadly, empiricists are taking the anomalists to task on this one, as they invariably do, demanding, “Show me the tentacle! Or, at least, a beak!” Brian Switek lays out the skeptic’s counter argument to the couple’s claim with The Giant, Prehistoric Squid That Ate Common Sense, comparing the bonebeds to so many tealeaves and arguing the Shonisaurus popularis bones and their arrangement in a huge pile do not serve as proof of a gigantic, highly intelligent, squidlike predator. Also, in a programming note, there’s more than cryptozoology to discuss tonight at 8 ET when Eric Altman and Lon Strickler host Bigfoot researcher Billy Willard and Psychic Medium Sonya Horstman in the latest episode of Beyond the Edge Radio. Listen live or download the podcast. And there’s more about Bigfoot, including chatter about Native Americans slaying a Bigfoot, as well as Mothman news and other esoterica subjects as Benjamin Grundy takes the microphone for Episode 614 – Mysterious Universe. Downloadable or listen online.

A Brief Slip in Time Mysterious Universe
Echoes of the past or inadvertent time travel? Jason Offutt, author of Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us shares the incident that’s haunted Connie Richard for 22 years. A brightly colored crane attracted Connie Richard’s attention on a rural drive with her boyfriend, as the crane dipped its bucket into a roadside pond. But Connie’s question about the huge machine led her boyfriend to remark, puzzlingly, that the crane hadn’t worked in years. The trip back down the same road showed Connie Richard the rusting hulk of the crane far from the edge of the pond. Did Connie Richard have a rare glimpse into the past during a pleasant ride in the country? Meanwhile, with the advent of Hallowe’en, bogeymen top the headlines. In keeping with the season, Lon Strickler addresses the ecology of one of the season’s most notable creatures in Vampires, covering the different species from worldwide legends, famous cases from history and theories behind the lore of vampiric beings. Meanwhile, with the walls between worlds growing thin with the approach of the witching hour, a well known New York State paranormal research group turns its attention to a reportedly haunted house in ISIS Investigates a Home in Albany County, New York, where nightmares gave rise to imaginary friends, visions of shadows, and a malevolent crone. The fruits from the ISIS efforts are EVP recordings for you to use to liven up the hours of darkness as the nights grow longer.

From today’s maverick science news: Dale Drinnon presents recent news of a discovery in a cave along South Africa’s southern coast that pushes back known art forms in the history of humanity to a date believed to be about 100,000 years ago. Drinnon has photos and illustrations to accompany the report and chips in with some analysis of the meaning of the find. Could the people who prepared ochre for body painting in this South African cave have indicated they were more advanced than previously thought? And what does the find show Drinnon may have been occurring in the move to migrate out of the Dark Continent thousands of millennia ago? Elsewhere, another site with a history believed to range 12 millennia into the past is in the news once again as archaeologists continue their excavations on the moundlike presence revealed in Göbeklitepe Site Unveils Mystery. And another archaeological treasure sneaks into the maverick science section through the efforts of our favorite bizarre historian Dr. Beachcombing, who depicts the circuitously serendipitous manner in which a one-of-a-kind set of ancient writings came to be in the possession of those who could preserve what was the product of Eating Hearts, Genies and Gnosticism at Nag Hammadi. Meanwhile, the ever inquisitive Micah Hanks brings forth a scientific report of ancestral senses that may continue into the current world through tenuous genetic links to make up what he refers to in The Sixth Sense: Aquatic Ancestors Had Electroreceptive Abilities.

Credit: The Anomalist


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